May 2014 Recap

Whisper to Me  - Christina  Lee Burning Dawn - Gena Showalter Debt of Bones (Sword of Truth Prequel Novel) - Terry Goodkind Beyond Shame  - Kit Rocha Beyond Control - Kit Rocha Beyond Denial - Kit Rocha Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha Marked - 'Kit Rocha',  'Lauren Dane',  'Vivian Arend' Beyond Jealousy (Volume 4) - Kit Rocha Beyond Solitude (Beyond #4.5) - Kit Rocha

May flown by yet I read a lot less than I expected. I thought that since the end of March and the whole of April were really busy I'll drown myself in my reading in May. Yet May have been busy as well, and even though I had a (mini) vocation I haven't read there at all which means that a whole series I planned for May got postponed to June.. 


I finally finished the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. R. Ward re-read or actually re-listen (meaning the first book in June is going to be "The King" BDB #12)

Lover Reborn (BDB #10)

Lover At Last (BDB #11)



Author of the Month: (Whisper to Me) Christina Lee

I just finished writing my review of this book and after reading the previous two I'm just hooked to Christina. I'll read anything she'll publish. I love her characters, love the way she builds them, the story is very fluent and easy to read and the guys, oh my, she truly destroyed real men for all of us.. I rather have imaginary Bennett, Quinn and Kai (I'll settle for just Kai actually :P) than any mewww guy out there.  


Favorite Book of the Month: Burning Dawn (Angles of the Dark #3) By Gena Showalter

Last month I've read the previous two in the series and Gena was my favorite author for April. This book also didn't disappoint. I really love this series, loved that there is a different yet not totally separate world from Lords of the Underworld that brings a different vibe and feel. I also think that the women kick ass! They have more spirit than the women in LotU. Each one is somehow a fighter. Elin is no different! and Thane is so such an interesting character. Loved reading this love story and how it evolved. Can't wait for more books in the series! 


Disappointment of the Month: Debt of Bones (Sword of Truth #0.5) By Terry Goodkind (Audiobook)

Actually I don't even have a review of this one.. I might add one in the future just to be "organized". After finishing the audio books of the BDB I thought about finding another series to listen to and since I watched the TV series adaptation called "Legend of the Seeker" I thought the books might be cool. Imagine my disappointment finding out this one is a children's book.. The characters might be old in age but they are behaving like kids. I'm not talking about teenagers, no, I'm talking about honest to god children (about 10 years old or maybe less).  


Discovery of the Month: Beyond series by Kit Rocha

(See links to all books in April Goals)

Erotica isn't usually my style. Basically because I need a story, a plot, something beside the sex.. and Erotica books can sometimes forget about that and bring us a very long and detailed sex scene :P and yet Beyond is somehow different, special in the way the world is built and the way the sex isn't just there for the sex but it also explains the world in which the characters live (a bit complicated to understand, I know, you have to read it to understand). I really enjoyed the first one mostly for being so unique and I was actually prepared to hate it! I really dislike the second one, from there in my eyes the series got better. I'm not sure if the third "Beyond Pain" or the last novella "Beyond Solitude (#4.5) is my favorite. I loved the building of the characters in both of them which I think was VERY lacking in the first two. I will continue reading this series though I must say that reading these one after another was a little bit of an over load of shameless sex and alpha males.. :D


No "Fun Break of the Month" since all the books I've read this month are already listed in the above categories.. 


Well, that's it for now. I'll be adding June's Goals soon!