Whisper to Me (Between Breaths #3) - Christina Lee

Whisper to Me  - Christina  Lee



I don't even know where to begin and how! You know that sometimes you read a book, a good book, one you enjoy and yet it takes you a while? it's like you can't seen to focus enough or commit so you read it over a long period of time? well, Christina's books DO NOT have this flaw! they are so fluent, so easy to read and relate you encounter a different problem entirely - you finish them in one day and then what?? Lucky I have an endless list of books to read otherwise I would have mourn the absence of more books by her..


This is the third installment in the Between Breaths series telling us the story of Rachel and Kai. Just so you'll know there are at least two more planned the forth one "Promise me This" of Nate and Jessie will be released in October (a birthday present! YAY! :)). I loved the first one and considering it was Christina's first book I appreciate it even more. But I must say that reading the first one I loved Avery, was intrigued by Ella (and loved her and Quinn in their book) but wasn't so into Rachel. We got a small glimpse of her, basically that she's a flirt. I don't have anything against it, it's just that there wasn't a lot to the character that I could understand who she is and what her "motives" are. 


Yet I was hooked to this book from the first page. Rachel became three dimensional in a second and suddenly it all made sense about why she behaves as she does. Kai is a sweet heart. If you loved Bennett and Quinn prepare to crush to the ground over Kai! a pierced musican.. yeah.. that could have been enough but actually what so heart crushing about him is the fact that he excels in taking care of Rachel. For me this is one major turn on! 


From childhood they were four best friends - Rachel, Dakota and her older brother Kai and Shane, Kai's best friend. Rachel have been thorough a lot before she moved to college. I won't write what happened though you'll find out in about the first chapter.. I'll just say that during her recovery her best friends where there for her, mostly Kai but then he left and she decided not to stay in her home town where people looked at her with pity and go somewhere no one knows her and be a care free person (as we met her in the previous books in the series). 


Coming back home for the summer to help her mother with her shop while living with Dakota at her apartment (where Kai is also staying for time being) brings back old memories and struggles. It gets even more difficult when her friends from college knowing nothing of her past coming to visit. But mostly it's Kai. Her and Kai. He changed from the last time she saw him, and she can't hold back the attraction she feels towards him. 


Kai had a major crush on Rachel. It happened when he helped her out after the significant event in her life. When he left abroad he thought that the crush would be over but it left him empty. When he came back for the summer and saw Rachel again he realized his feelings for her are getting more serious yet Rachel, the new Rachel, is about having fun and release with guys nothing more. Kai can't bring himself to tell her how he feels about her especially when it seems what she wants and needs from him - in the physical aspect - isn't about HIM, it's about escaping, relaxing, getting away from life and no matter what the both of them don't want to destroy the friendship they have though it changed from when he left and it became even more difficult with their new attraction and physical contact.


I loved Kai from the first chapter I read from his POV. He is just so beautiful in every aspect. Yeah, he's good looking but I mean the way he cares for Rachel, the way he struggles with his feelings for her, His difficulties in life, finding himself and what he wants to do. I kinda think that he ruined real men for me.. :D Well, he isn't the only one but I must say that in my eyes he is just ideal, even though he isn't perfect. 


I loved this book so much! Loved both Rachel and Kai and their struggles with life, truths, feelings, Love. I had a stomach ache half the book with how much they felt toward one another (even though Rachel didn't admit it most of the time) and yet then couldn't share it one with the other. 


You can read this one even if you haven't read "All of You" and "Before you Break". So no excuses like "haven't read the previous ones!" you are more than welcome to flung yourself all over this one! Not that I'm saying you should skip them! all three are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-!