Back to You (Second Chances #1) - Leighton Rose

Back To You - Leighton Rose

This has been a nice enough story. I got good recommendation on it from a friend.


The story starts with Taylor and Alex breaking up. They both love each other but their relationship somehow doesn't really work. They keep fighting. I don't know what they were fighting about since it wasn't mentioned but I guess since they were both quite young I can get it (round 21-22 years old). Alex is the one to break the relationship not wanting to get to the point were they break up while hating each other. 


Alex moves to another city far away to keep away from Taylor and we continue the book 2 years later where the both of them try to make it work with someone else but right about that time something happens that make Alex come back. 


Naturally since the both of them miss each other and want each other it flows into the direction of returning to each other. Taylor is skeptic but Alex really want to make it up to Taylor. 


There were a few side characters - both Alex and Taylor's family, Taylor's friends and Alex's best friend. I thought that they weren't developed enough. The characters were quite flat. There was something more interesting about Taylor's guy (the one he started dating) but we didn't get enough details for the character to feel really substantial (since this one is the first in a series I guess either he or Alex's guy - or both! - will be in the next one so we'll get the story).


Both Taylor and Alex were really sweet but I felt they were to emotional for two guys.. can't really explain this one better..


So while the story was sweet and the return together was nicely done I felt that this story lacked in substance. This is Leighton's first book so I can understand the struggle to bring her best to us. I liked the writing and I liked how the story progressed so all in all it was an enjoyable read. Leighton published her second book quite recently so I'll give it a go as well.