Dirty Deeds (Dirty Deed #1) - SE Jakes

Dirty Deeds - S.E. Jakes

Well, hello there! :) I was gone for a long while now, mostly because I haven't been reading of late.. I've been tired, my eyes were tired, dunno, the hot weather doesn't agree with me as it seems.. Hope to be back to myself because these past few months have been too much out of my comfort and relaxed zone. I miss me, ya know?


So let's do this review, shall we?


This is the spin off to "Hell or High Water" telling us of Cillian and Mal and how they "got together" so to speak. It's been a while since I read the previous book by SE Jakes and I gotta say I don't really remember what was the issue with John (the one who betrayed Prophet) it was too bad that there wasn't a good reminder to that or something to connect people who either haven't read the previous books or doesn't remember (enough). 


I didn't find myself invested in the story for the most part since I didn't understand, well, too much! I couldn't remember what John's deal was, I didn't understand why Cillian is interested in him (and we don't get that explanation), I didn't get what's going on around Cillian (until it was explained and that was pretty far ahead), I didn't understand what's Mal's real part (until it was explained, again, pretty far ahead) and well, their sessions together, I kept waiting for the shoe to drop - for Cillian to get who Mal was but it ended too abruptly leaving us waiting for the next installment. 


So basically the first 10 chapters where quite a bore (mostly because I didn't understand who's against who and why) and then a lot of action, things moving, explanations and all then - BAMM! - quite the reveal then - THE END.


I'm not even sure how I feel about all of this. I don't know if I'll read the next one though I'm curious to how things will go with the two of them and the information that was revealed nearing the end. Yet, I didn't feel a connection to either one of them. 


Kind of a miss for me.