The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood #12) - J.R. Ward

The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12) - J.R. Ward

Honestly, I don't feel like writing this review. First because I was disappointed.. and second because I have some things I want to refer to that would be a spoiler.. so we'll see how it goes..


While the other books in the series, each portrait a specific couple, this one is a bit different. First because Beth and Wrath aren't a new couple and aren't new to us and second because they don't feel like the main heroes which was FINE BY ME. I don't like both of them. Haven't been their fan from the first book in the series = their book. Wrath is too alpha male for me and Beth, in my eyes, isn't special, there isn't anything attractive in her character and I don't "get" why so many characters in the series consider her a really good friend because while reading it, you read *of* the relationship you don't read it first hand.  


The main issue with Wrath and Beth is the fact that Beth wants a baby (and Wrath doesn't..). But it's not the only issue, we also have the Band of Bastards wanting to disown Wrath and the Glymera trying to remove him from the throne because of Beth being a half breed. So considering both - it was simply boring.. yep, boring..


Beth and the baby. I myself don't want kids, I don't find them appealing. I also don't get that at a certain age you "have to" have a kid. I might change my mind 10 years from now but right now, at the age and stage that I'm in, and especially since I'm reading Paranormal Romance and not some other genre that might involve a family concept (and not just the couple concept) I find the whole subject to be, well, boring. 


I remember I read an argument in some forum, I can't remember if it was te BDB or another one but actually it doesn't matter, the issue was the difference between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. As it was describes there - in a Paranormal Romance it's about the main couple. If it's a series (not a stand alone) then each book would be about a certain couple finding their HEA. On an Urban Fantasy series it would be different. The whole series would be of one couple and their adventures and also the way the relationship is built throughout the plot. The main argument in this discussion was that kids have no place in a Paranormal Romance. In Urban Fantasy it could make sense. I guess I agree with that though I'm not sure I know enough about how each category is defined..


This argument promotes exactly what I'm trying to say - that Beth and Wrath having a baby is of no interest to the story. Think about Bella and Z. She got pregnant but it wasn't the main issue in their book and in the short novella "Father Mine" it was also not really about Nalla but about Z dealing with something very significant and making another step in healing himself. Here it's all about an obsession with having a kid. All Beth's thoughts and the things she does, the arguments with Wrath it's all about that. BORING. 


So yeah, I got that established.. Now to the other subject "The King" - BOB, Glymera and all that. I hated the whole sub plot. The Glymera are really something.. I find it hard to believe what they accomplished and even more absurd how the issue was resolved. Made NO SENSE in my mind and only made me disrespect that one who offered it.. it's an infantile move not a smart one and I would have expected more from that character. That being said Xcor is SUCH a disappointment. He was never my favorite in any sense of the word but his behavior makes NO SENSE. It's like the Warden had an idea she wanted to promote and she couldn't find a way to make it work so she just expected we'll take this one as it is.. and if we're speaking of Xcor then Layla is also quite bizarre in her behavior.   


I think that there were some things missing from the plot. We got some glimpses to the past, Wrath's parents and also another side character that will probably be mentioned in the next books since he becomes close to Wrath. Thing is, you don't get to really feel how the relationship was built and how it works out. There were a lot of times I felt this sort of "leap" that we had to have for the story to make sense.. Like there was a chapter that was deleted in editing.. 


Also we see Havers but also hear of him - like the fact that he doesn't treat gay. really?!?! what kind of a doctor is THAT?! there is so much wrong with this person I can fill a book! and also, another leap of faith for us - he's a traitor, there is NO WAY Wrath can consider going to him after what he does. Yet, he still considers him an option when there is a medical situation. Take a page from G. R. R. Marin - JUST FUCKING KILL HIM!


All that being said lets talk about the good staff - two couples - Assail and Sola and Trez and Selena. 


With Assail and Sola there is A LOT going on. really. and all of it is GREAT!! I can't wait to read the next one and see how it works out because we were left with a heart ache in the end of the book.. Assail became a favorite in the previous book and in this one I love him even more! 


On the previous one Sola gets abducted and Assail goes to rescue her. Oh boy what a rescue it THAT and what a charming male he becomes when it's about her! and what a killer when it's not :) 


I don't know how it will work out the fact that he is dealing with the enemy. The Brotherhood won't be able to forget that (I think..) and also Sola doesn't want to take part in his world and it's not like he has another occupation.. He's really a "bad guy". Rehv was a drug lord as well but he did it because he needed the money for his ransom and could stop when he didn't have to pay anymore..


Moving to the next couple.. Trez and Selena. We basically see how they get to know each other and Trez opening up to her. But since the next book is of both Trez and iAm we'll need to get there to see the HEA. I also really enjoyed reading iAm. There is a lot more to him and his silence. I loved what's going on with the s'Hisbe, I mean for the first time both iAm and Trez tries to put a stop to Trez marrying the Queen's daughter and it's quite interesting the person they turn to help. 


This book has been a long one. At least for me. I think there was too much of "around and around", too many pages describing objects, rooms, houses. There were too many times I had to "hold myself" to keep on reading so we get to the "good staff". 


I'm not sure what's to come in the series. I'm too addicted to even consider stopping even though this one was a total miss for me. It's still a GREAT series but I'm starting to realize I don't appreciate it as I used to. I read SO MUCH since I started reading this series and I have my misgivings about it. So even though I'll still recommend it with all my heart (!) to any Paranormal Romance lover out there I won't be shy saying what I DON'T like about it. 


So yeah, if you're read this series this far - don't miss the new couples! so what if Wrath and Beth are a bore :P and get ready (like I do!) for the next of the shadows!