Beyond Jealousy (Beyond #4) - Kit Rocha

Beyond Jealousy (Beyond, #4) - Kit Rocha

Well, this book was something else! it took me forever to read for all the reasons except for not enjoying reading it. I just had a lot to do and I went abroad for 4 days and I don't know if I read a whole 15 minutes in total! my friend wasn't into reading and our internet connection was barely there so it was all me and her having a relaxing vocation doing what we wanted (=a lot of shopping!) and not thinking too much about anything. Just like a real vocation should be! 


I tried telling my friend about this series and her reaction was "so, basically, you're reading porn". Well, maybe I am when it comes to this series hehe For me it's more about the story and not only about the sex, and I guess that's what makes this series so special, there's a lot of story IN the sex and in the play around the sex. With this book it was somehow magnified since we are not talking about a "regular" couple, we are talking about a treesum - Ace, Cruz and Rachel. 


I knew this book is going to be a threesum from the previous book. It started to get obvious with how Cruz and Ace's relationship was building and how Rachel couldn't decide between the two of them and since this is no regular contemporary romance in which the HEA comes in pairs - I knew we are going there and I'm even a bit surprised I wasn't "worried" about it. Worried I wouldn't "understand" it. Couldn't appreciate it for what it is. It brings me back to my first MM romance. I knew Blay and Quinn (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11 by J.R. Ward) are going to be a couple but even though I've never read a gay romance before I was invested in the characters and wanted to see it happen and then I loved it and started reading MM romance. I"m not saying I'm going to look for threesums in books from now on, but I won't shy from it either. I just need to have a plot beside the threesum... Just the threesum with nothing around it won't be enough for me. 


That being said - there's A LOT of sex in this book a little bit more that I would have felt was "necessary" meaning there's isn't enough of getting to know the characters. We get to know how Rachel got to Sector 4, a little bit about Cruz's past (and unknown present) and also of Ace's past but I would have preferred to get more about them apart and together and not only so they could have sex.. I also thought that Rachel and Cruz should have reacted to how Ace was hiding in clear site. I expected a "big secret" or maybe something more than what his "problem" was with being with the both of them. 


BUT I loved Ace even though he is who he is and how he is, but I also really loved Cruz! YUM couldn't begin to describe the guy! so I get why Rachel was better off getting the both of them and not having to choose :D 


There isn't a lot of plot. We meet Rachel's father and there's an issue with O'Kane liqueur being forged and sold as the real thing and a little cross sectors clash (which will probably play out in the next books). We get to meet a girl named Lili and after reading her short chapter I think she is going to be the main character in the 6th book "Beyond Innocence". But I'm just guessing here :) I should warn you there is a kinda cliff hanger in this one. I wasn't expecting that! But I guess since Summer is literally here I won't have to wait long for the fall to arrive and with it the next one. 


I really enjoyed the book for being what it is, for being different, for being more than I would have ever been comfortable reading in the past yet enjoyed now which is why I'm giving this one 5 stars even if it wasn't "perfect". I guess it's kinda like another way of being "Beyond Shame" :)