Beyond Temptation (Beyond #3.5) - Kit Rocha

Marked - Lauren Dane,  Vivian Arend,  Kit Rocha

This novella is part of a 3 novella bundle by different authors. I actually didn't read the other two (and I'm not sure I will, for no particular reason.. I just have so much to read already..).


It's the story of 2 characters we got to meet in the previous book but actually we only got a small glimpse of - Emma (or in her full name - Emmaline Cibulski) - Ace's apprentice and Noah Lennox the guy who can hack anything and get any information anyone needs - or as it seems now - the information Dallas needs. 


In the previous book Dallas tries to contact Noah via Emma. He knows there's a past somewhere buried between the two of them but at that moment he doesn't know just HOW MUCH. When Noah answers Dallas's call he is sure that Emma (his best friend's sister) is being held hostage as a means to getting him to play nicely and he is VERY surprised to find out that Emma is a full O'Kane, tattoos and all and is NOT the little girl (well, 19 back then) she used to be when he payed off her safety - which didn't work that well if she's an O'Kane right now dancing cheerfully in Sector 4 for all to see - mostly his enemies. Which means he can't stick around after he finds her, or at least that's what he's trying to tell himself.. Emma doesn't want to let her first crush (and love) go, so slowly slowly she makes him realize he just can't leave her behind. But what happens when she finds the truth about what happened right before her brother died and what let to him dropping her off to a  woman who was suppose to take care of her?


This novella was steamy as all Beyond books are. I really enjoyed it, loved how much Emma changed and how strong she is now and basically all Noah would have wanted her to be though back then all he wanted was to shelter her. Kinda worked for the best :) 


Next one if of Rachel and Ace but from how the last book (Beyond Pain #3) ended I wonder if we'll end up with a threesum (with Cruz) and not just the two of them ;)