Beyond Pain (Beyond #3) - Kit Rocha

Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha

It's quite strange.. the first book I liked - it was different, it had a different vibe than I'm used to, and even though I had my misgivings about it, I did enjoy it (and gave it 4 stars). Then came the second which I absolutely hated. I didn't like the characters (or how they "played out") I didn't like the fact that we didn't get enough background story to support the character and didn't understand the appeal of the main hero (I still don't..) but I still felt I wanted to give the rest a go since I liked Bren and Six and wanted to get their story and also there's Rachel and Ace (next one) that I'm interested in so I thought I should put my dislike of the previous one aside and just delve into this one. 


I'm SO glad I didn't miss on this one! It was well written in the aspect of characters' build, we got their back story (not to full extent but much better than the previous ones), I could understand their motives, could understand their attraction to one another and how / why it worked so well between them and I could see the development of both characters throughout the book.


Their love story was beautiful! I loved the fact that it took both of them time to give themselves a chance with one another. Bren didn't want to have sex with Six if she isn't ready, and she wasn't sure what she wanted and what would happen though it was obvious to her she was VERY attracted to Bren. 


This book have more of a story line concerning Sector 3 - Dallas puts Bren in charge and wants Six's help in getting intel on who's who and who might play nicely (or badly..) along the way they encounter "something big" that suppose to happen and as it seems it puts both Six and Bren on edge (for different reasons) and both of them have a hard decision to make.


Bren is absolutely a sweet heart. I know most people (in any Sector or Eden) will NEVER consider him as such - but he is!! and it shows with everything he does or doesn't do with Six. He keeps himself in focus with everything but with her, especially what she has been through he really wants to make sure she is doing the right decision. I liked how he took everything step by step with her and how much she changed throughout the book. There are a lot of (sex) scenes that shows how she gets more comfortable with herself, with him, with the both of them together. In each (sex) scene she deals with different aspects of things she wasn't comfortable with because of her past and because it's hard for her to put her trust in anyone. 


She is such a fighter! I love that about her. No matter what she has been through she doesn't let go, she fights for what she wants and how people will see her. She is the most powerful victim character I've ever read. Usually when we have in a book a woman who have been through hell she basically "gets better", learns to put the past - in the past, find someone who treats them well and love them ant that's it. But here she does that but also have her revenge (killing her tormentor) and showing all around her how strong she is and how much she is capable of taking care of herself and the fact that she isn't a victim NOW even if she was a victim in the past, and she is NEVER going to be a victim again.


I should say that I still dislike Dallas. He has one outburst that was totally out of line that was just disgusting and also he and Lex feel "phony". I don't "get" the way Dallas is behaving himself so well around her, letting her be a part of the "management", that's not something that happens overnight.. (as it was described in the previous book). Lucky for me there aren't THAT much of the both of them in the book and well, Lex alone I like, but them together or him along I totally dislike!


It's a good series. It is. But I think that it could have been much better if the authors would have worked more on the characters. I get that there's a lot of meanings to the characters while they're having sex but there is still quite a lot missing. When I look at the first two books, the characters are quite superficial. Even though you KNOW there is depth to them it's somehow missing from the actual plot/story. Maybe people who read Erotica is more interested in reading the sex, which is fine by me, but I need more  -  an actual story or you know what, sometimes it's not even the story but the characters themselves. If they are built right then can carry the plot without an outstanding plot around them.  I do hope the next one will be better in this aspect.