Coercion (Curio Vignettes #2) - Cara McKenna

Coercion - Cara McKenna

After listening to Caroly's inner voice, in the next installment of "Curio Vignettes" we get to hear Didier - The way he perceives his world and the way he perceives her. 


Didier is just a man. A beautiful man, a man who knows how to satisfy women, but also a man who cannot leave his own flat due to Agoraphobia. In the first installment, he goes outside to the museum Caroly works to resume their relationship and make it a friendship kind of relationship and not a costumer paying for a whore.. 


They keep this relationship in which Caroly is faithful to him while he keeps his clients. She doesn't speak of any further expectations she has from him and she seems content with the relationship they do have, but all HE thinks about while being with her is the dream of being ONLY with her and of confessing his love for her. 


The "tutoring" resumes a little when they play a game in which she is behaving like one of his clients. It was interesting listening to his thoughts, to see how he regards what he does, how he sees Caroly in the act itself and when the acting is over and they are left Didier and Caroly - so familiar with each other.  


I liked it a little less then the first installment but, well, it's about 50 pages so there is little to be told and not a lot that happens but I am interested in the next part, we were left with a sort of promise from Didier which I can't wait to read! :)