Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark #1) [Zacharel & Annabelle] - Gena Showalter

Wicked Nights - Gena Showalter

I found about this series kinda by mistake. I don't really remember how it happened I just remember I was looking at Gena's website and looking for the next books in the series and on which character they are going to be and then I found it! I just finished "The Darkest Secret" (Amun and Haidee's book) and I just fell in love with  Zacharel. Yeah, he's a guy that grows on you, not the one you fell for the second he lands in a room wings spread but well, what can I say, I guess a smoldering hot angel who behaves badly and therefore walks around with snow falling on top of his wings seems to be specifically my type! I'm really not to blame!


I should say that if you haven't read the "Lords of the Underworld" series it really doesn't matter. The warriors appear in two scenes in the book and if you don't know who they are you'll still get it (there's a small explanation that I think covers the important).


So as I've said, Zacharel isn't really the goody goody angel, the Deity is quite displeased with him, but he it doesn't want to give him up (=making him fall=dooming him to hell), he wants to somehow help him and make him realize his wrongs. His way of doing it? Making him in charge of a bunch of angels that are basically like him, on the verge of falling. Being responsible for them means that if they do wrongs Zacharel is punished FOR them and he has one year to show the Deity that he and his small army can change otherwise they would ALL fall. 


We get to know a few of the warriors who fight with Zacharel. Lucky for us, even though there are 20 angels we only get to really read about 4 of them which was really OK. I mean, a lot of these series introduce you to 10 new characters in the first chapter, each a special feature and ability and you just get lost with all the details of the different characters not to mention the world itself! But this one (and I do think that the fact I've read LotU has nothing to do with it!) was a pure pleasure to read. From the first chapter I was just hooked and couldn't put it down!


We start of by meeting Annabelle a human who has been wrongly put in a mental institute for presumably killing her parents. What actually happened is a demon killed them and conveniently left, leaving her holding a bloodied knife (she was trying to use against him). Unfortunately for Annabelle the demon did more than that, he somehow linked them together and from that day forth she started seeing demons (which regular humans don't if the demons don't wish to appear to them). Seeing demons doesn't sound that bad right? the bad part is they try to harm her and she has to battle them, while in the mental institute where she seems even more disturbed and violent.. and not only because of that she is treated badly.. 


Zacharel learning of a mental institute being infiltrated by demons looks for the reason they are drown there finds Annabelle. At first he isn't really impressed by her, after all, she is a human, what can she offer him, and why would he even be interested in her suffering.. (I told you, he has to grow on you.. ;)) but something is wrong, for some reason he can't just leave her there and go. So he decides to take her away. But that won't mean the demons will stop going after her! 


So now Zacharel and Annabelle are "stuck" together. At first, Annabelle have a hard time dealing with the arrogant annoying angel who tries busing her around by pretty soon Zacharel discovers that even if Annabelle is a mere human, she is a lot more than that. She is a strong woman who dealt with a lot in life, she won't be confined again by him or anyone else, she will fight her offenders and even if she welcomes his help she has a strong spirit and mind that keeps Zacharel on his toes :) I love me a strong independent woman!


I loved how their love story progressed. How much Zacharel changes and how little by little Annabelle learnt she could trust Zacharel (he IS an angel, but surly NOT a saint!)


I have a feeling this will be a new favorite series :) and it's a good thing it's a short one! well, it is short now! the second book "Beauty Awakened" was published last year and the third "Burning Dawn" will be published next week. I'm already intrigued about the other angels and really want to read the ones we were introduced to. The next one is Koldo and after him we have Thane. He and his two best friends are really interesting characters, tormented as Hell! or should I say was actually tormented IN Hell!


I like the concept that they need to be saved, that they deserve to be saved, they are angels, there are suppose to be pure and good and all that, but what happens if they get fucked up? what if their life is a living hell - literally. and you know there is nothing like a tormented hero ;) 


Something I feel I should mention though I'm not sure why, I think the sex scenes are less detailed and pronounced than in the LotU. So I guess this series would also be proper for younger crowds as well. I didn't mind that, I don't have to have scolding hot sex scenes. I was fine with the way it was. But to each his own, right?


So yeah, I loved it and recommend it! :)

Off to read the next one!