The Country Mouse Collection (Country Mouse + City Mouse) - Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov

The Country Mouse Collection - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov

Sometimes I postpone a review for no apparent reason, I think it's more about being in the "right mood" to write, wanting to be able to capture what I felt about the book. So here we are 3 days after I finished, already read another (half) one and was disappointed as hell, which only make this 5 stars book even more appreciated. 


This book is actually a long novella in two parts (that could be bought separately).


Country Mouse

tells us how Owen and Malcolm met and the beginning of their "relationship" (mostly sex based). Owen is on vocation in London with his ex-girlfriend (he is a bi who has no problem with his sexual preferences) he meets in a bar up-tight, workaholic, Malcolm (though absolutely gay isn't THAT honest with himself about his own sexual preferences). It's quite interesting how bossy Malcolm gets Owen to go home with him especially since Owen doesn't really let him boss him around... He stands up to Malcolm, allowing him to boss him when it suits him... Malcolm is impressed by Owen, attracted to him and can't keep his calm around him. 

After one night they decided to spend the rest of the weekend together until Owen needs to leave London. What starts as "fun and games" (and also quite a lot of sexual toys kinky Malcolm own and LOVE to use) becomes more than that. Owen realizes there's a lot to Malcolm than he allows other people to see, a more gentle side only he evokes (and it's not that easy to find beneath the surface) and Malcolm can't get enough of Owen as well. He needs him, needs more than he even needed from a partner before (=one night stand). When their time is closing to an end someone needs to say the words to make them stay together.. 


City Mouse

Being a couple isn't easy especially when one side of the relationship is working too damn much and is obsessed with making enough money to live the rich life he won't stand to give up and the other is a care free guy wanting a gratifying job that almost pays the bills but feels right in the gut. Malcolm wants more for Owen, a job that can make him stand on his feet when he is tired of Malcolm working so late and having so little time for the relationship while Owen wishes Malcolm would work less, yeah, so he can spend time with him, but also so he can actually LIVE and won't have circles under his eyes.. So while the first part was mostly them making kinky sex and enjoying time together and starting to get to know each other, the second part is were the problems are presented.


I loved both parts. I know that some people loved the first one better since it was an easier read and the second had a lot of problems for them to deal but not a lot of pages for them to solve it all up but I loved that we got the second part, it felt more real to me especially with how different they are from one another. I would love to get another part of this story, even a few years later seeing how they influenced each other and made each other a better person on their own and how they made the relationship work on the long run.


It's an absolute 5 starts for me. I really enjoyed this one. It was an easy, fun, sexy as hell book. I loved Amy Lane and Aleksandr Voinov together I'll be reading more from the both of them for sure!