Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1) - A. Meredith Walters

Find You in the Dark  - A. Meredith Walters

I'm sorry.. I tried.. I tried.. but I simply can't do it...

This one is a DNF at 49%...


I'll try to explain myself (with helping quotes):

"Had there ever been two people loved each other as much as we did? I couldn't put into words the way we felt about each other"

"You are everything. To me your'e the world. [...] At the moment, I knew it was the truth. I'd follow Clayton Reed to the edge of the Earth if he asked me to"


For me, these two quotes (pretty close to where I stopped reading) was what did it. What made me realize I'm NOT going to be able to read Maggie's POV for a second longer (well, I'm quite proud I finished the chapter..).


This is a YOUNG ADULT book. Well, it's a YOUNG book mostly. Maggie is a child. The all consuming way she loves Clayton and the way she drops everything around her so she could be with him disgusts me to no end. She stops listening to her perfect parents, she alters her friendship with her two best friends (she doesn't stop being friends with them she just becomes annoyed with them because of Clayton so she mostly yell at them that they don't understand him and they should love him like she does), she makes him her whole world meaning she has NO life except for being with him - she stops going to running practices (well, she goes back somewhere along the way), she is obsessed with finding him every single moment on school breaks (stalkery much?) - All this without even mentioning the plot or what this story is even about.. 


What this story is about? Well, Clayton Reed is the new hot guy in school. Naturally Maggie, the girl who never even looked twice at a guy before is in love with him the first time she meets him, er, bumps up into him. Up until now the perfect cliche, right? From here on it's what I wrote above, cheesiness that hasn't been seen before... only with a twist.. Clayton has mental issues which explain the fact that he is a total and absolute douche, well, sometimes.. Other times he is the absolute perfect guy.. Maggie, being all obsessed by him just want to help him (no matter that she never dealt with anything even remotely more difficult than ordering pizza).


Since I studied Behavioral Science I can get why this story can be really special. Dealing with mental illness with your significant other puts a lot more strain on the relationship and what Clay displays actually seems really right with the diagnosis (from what I've read up until where I stopped) I even expected him to be more "difficult" but for me, this book is a total miss because Maggie is a sickly in love puppy. It's not a relationship, not a grown up one in any sense at all. Clayton is an obsession to her. He is a project. It feels like it's more about her HAVING him to herself than anything else. I was just disgusted by the whole relationship. Yeah Clayton had a hard time, maybe if I had a little of his POV I could have dealt with her but since she is the constant blabber in the story, and since she is a FREAKING CHILD I felt I just have to put this one down. 


I wish I would have liked it, I wish I could have stand Maggie because I applaud this subject being brought to attention. But I don't see how it can be a serious book when the main character is so childish (how many times I've wrote childish in the review?)


So yeah, it's a DNF for me. and I'm not going to read the next ones (even the one about her two best friends NATURALLY being meant for each other - Rachel being secretly head over heels in love with Daniel, and him needing to get a clue about her, about it, yeah, another cliche..).


*    *    *


What's going on with my reading list lately, ha? I actually have a 5 star review coming soon which is good but I'm kinda scared to get into the next book ya know? I also updated my reading schedule to something more realistic after re-arranging the books planned for this year. 160 books sound a LOT more sound than 200 (considering I was about 9 book behind schedule when I had the 200 put on my GR account)