The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never #1) - Redmerski, J.A.

The Edge of Never  - J.A. Redmerski

I'm quite reluctant to write this review.. It's just that I'm disappointed, and I hate being disappointed with a book, and also I realized the previous book I've read had been a disappointment as well. When I finished reading Covet I felt so damn lucky. I felt that I've been reading a lot more than I used to the past year and a half. I've discovered so many good writers, some of them new, publishing their first few novels, some already published a lot. Different genres, ones I haven't read before. Great ideas, great stories, amazing characters, not always perfect but amazing nevertheless. and here I am now. Feeling my "luck" has dried up. 


I'm also reluctant because I hate writing a really bad review over a book. Hate saying things that would offend. Offend the writer who did her best I'm sure, offend people who thought this book is amazing and saying "I hated it" would somehow imply something "bad" about them or will somehow seem like I'm saying that what they felt reading this book "worth nothing". What I so love about books is how I relate to them, the things I cherish from them.  When I have a good impression of a book I feel like it lives inside me and when I talk to someone who doesn't know what I found it that book I somehow feel they don't know me, or they missed something inside me that's important. So why do that to other people? Take something so personal from them? Yet I want to be loyal to myself and now that I started this "journey" into documenting the books I've read I feel I'm obliged (to myself) writing what I felt toward this book. 


So it is.. 


Camryn had a rough year or so. Her boyfriend died in a car accident her brother is in jail, her parents divorced and now the cherry is her best friend's boyfriend hitting on her claiming she was always the love of his life. Well, the cherry was that her best friend broke their friendship over it not the real stupid scene where he "rescued" her from a situation there was no rescuing needed then trying to force himself on her. After all THAT she takes the bus to Idaho just because and hope to have a "road trip". On the bus she meets Andrew who is driving to see his dying father in the hospital.


I didn't open a map to see the trip's blue prints and I should say I have no idea what the distances mean. If I want to go from one side of MY country to the other side of it, it would probably take me about 8 hours. You know what, Lets take about 3 hours to get to the northest part of the country, then drive to the southest point and return back home, that would be, mmm less then 15 hours I think.. But here we are talking about almost a week on the bus. I can't even try and begin to understand why a person would do that to himself (and not only because I'll puke my soul out after the first 30 minutes on a bus..) but well, some people are like that. Yeah. they road trip on a bus.. 


Well, Andrew and Camryn sort of become friends on the road. She is very reserved, he is friendly and easy going and when they suppose to depart (he gets to his destination) he comes back and they do a small stop at the hospital then they road trip on his car (like NORMAL people) and basically just have easy going fun for I think 3 weeks. So the road trip was about a month I guess. Some of it was nice, some was fun but mostly I got bored. I mean, their relationship kept going somewhere then getting no where, he doesn't want her to be a one night stand, it's either everything or nothing when it's obvious to him to the road trip will end and with it the relationship.


When they FINALLY become a couple I find myself bored with the two of them all together. She is this bunny he twists and turns and she does what he wants her to do. He IS trying to loosen her up but I feel like he is her world. It's the kind of love I don't appreciate at my age, maybe when I was her age i would have somehow wanted to have someone be my EVERYTHING. But being a grown woman who actually have a personality, I don't crave having a man like that. I want a partner. Not a Dom.. But as it seems, Cam is actually looking for a dom - in bed AND in life and I find this, well, childish. I really have nothing against "kinky" fun in bed, I really don't, but in real life? having someone bossing me around "teaching" me how to live and "loosen up"? NO!


Small stop over here to add two things I dislike, one of each one - him being too damn aggressive. Yes there is something attractive when a guy rescues a girl and beats up the offender but when he beats the guy up just for being suggestive / being a douche then it's just a turn off.. another turn off is when you go out into town with someone who gets SO drunk you need to take her by cab home (=to the hotel), carry her up to her room and then tend to her (including tending to her puke) when you're NOT her relative / best friend / the guy she is sleeping with. I should note that when I was at "that" age and my friends would get THAT drunk I would just ignore them. I wanted a night out not babysitting without even getting paid.. 


Finally when I was so tired from all this story we arrive at his home town and his "secret" for why their relationship can't continue is revealed and there, right there is were this book went from 3.5 to 4 stars (if I'm really feeling generous) to about 2-3 stars. This was SO unrealistic. REALLY. There is no way that he could have "hidden" that for a month they spend practically every second together. NO WAY. I was SO annoyed with that. I kept reading while realizing I'm getting pissed off with every minute of it since I don't believe it and I don't understand why there weren't any clues or something to make it somehow possible or believable. But no. nothing. freakin' nothing.


On the last chapter I almost puked my annoyance. She is 20 years old. He is 25 years old. They are children looking to find themselves in life. looking for a meaning, a place. Wanting to road trip till they use up all their money then work for a living wherever they feel like it then leave. So why start talking about "real life" or "life as grownups"? I'm talking the whole - "marriage and kids" deal. WHY? It just doesn't make any sense with who they are and the place they are in life. This last chapter (and the few before it) took this book from being a 'meww OK' book to being horrible. NOTHING made sense. NOTHING. It was totally and absolutely unbelievable. 


I can't recommend this book to anyone. Maybe if I was ten years younger I would have enjoyed it more, but then again, the ending would have made it even worse back then than now. I don't know who this book is suitable for to tell you the truth, maybe for teenagers who doesn't understand "life" yet but since this sounds degrading to say to someone I rather not recommend this AT ALL and yeah, I'm not reading the next one.. NO WAY (and not just because this book has been pretty predictable so I already figured out what's going to be the next one about..)


I'm sorry for this review. I really am. From a "nice enough story" to a total unbelievable disaster. I wish I felt different I really do. and if you understood the meaning of the title please be a dear and enlighten me because I didn't find anything that could have explained it to me..