The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay

The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel - Katja Millay

WOW WOW WOW - That's the basic really.

I loved this book so much! I feel so lucky that lately almost every book I read I enjoy so much, and this one was a very good surprise being Katja's debut novel. Can't wait to read anything by her (though I didn't see she has anything planned..)


This book tells us about Katya, a very complicated yet very interesting girl. She used to be an amazing pianist yet, after being attacked she lost her ability to play. Now she is plagued by the need to find and harm the person who hurt her and taken her life from her. After what she has been through Katya decided not to speak. She has her reasons, it's not that she is incapable of speaking, she spoke before, but now, in a new city, a new school where no one knows her she won't speak a word to anyone. She doesn't want to interact with anyone actually and she makes sure of that with provocative cloths and black eye makeup that keeps the girls away and the guys, well, she can handle the guys - if they talk to her she can always ignore (after all she doesn't speak) and if they misbehave she can and will strike back. 


There is one guy in school she is interested in and actually quite envious of - Josh. He sits on his usual bench on lunch break and it's like there is a dead zone around him. No one gets near him or talks to him - exactly as she wish she could be. Intrigued by him, when she gets lost near his house while doing her nightly run she decided to stay watching him work his magic on wood. She doesn't talk to him and he isn't sure if he wants her around or not. Yet she keeps coming back to silently sitting and watching him work. 


Josh doesn't really know what to do with Nastya, he doesn't know her or get her, but he lost enough people in his life to know he can't lose anyone else. The truth is, he HAS a dead zone around him. He lost all his family members leaving him to care for himself. His only friend and family is Drew. They don't speak at school usually by they are best friends. 


Nastya is intrigued by Drew, she finds him funny so she hangs around him though she doesn't speak to him she does agree to "play his girl" because it doesn't "cost" her and it keeps other guys at bay. 


As times goes by, both Drew and Josh find themselves drawn to Nastya though they know practically nothing about her. Her relationship with Josh becomes a daily solace for both of them, and when they don't meet the both of them feel the void left from that absence. Yet Nastya won't get really close to Josh and he, wanting her, yet frightened of getting her and losing her isn't in a very comfortable place. Even when things start to progress between the two of them it feels temporary for both of them.


And then it happens. She finally finds him! She sees him by total coincidence and she is determined to do as she promised - to hurt him as he hurt her, to take away his life as he taken hers. From there, both Josh and Drew are amazed by what the find out about Nastya, they realize how much they didn't know about her and that she might disappear from their life like she appeared in it - in a blink. 


This story was so captivating, beautiful, painful, brave, honest. I have no words to describe how this book made me feel, I was just filled with emotions I couldn't censor. I loved Nastya and Josh so much! I waited for them to "get it going" for her to open up to him, for him to accept her into his world, I waited and waited for their happy ending and when the book was concluded I was breathless. I just ran to the computer to see if Katja published more books and discovered this one has been her first novel and the forth WOW came to mind. 3 WOWs for this amazing book but another one for this being the first and only thing Katja published. 


This is a total and absolute - RECOMMENDED!