Headstrong - Meg Maguire

Headstrong - Meg  Maguire

I loved this one! Took me a while to read it mostly because I didn't have time to read not that I didn't want to! 


I think I loved it so much because I could really relate to Libby. Though our life is different in SO many ways, some things I totally get, especially what happened with our boys which in my eyes were both extremely hot and yummy! Not only because they are beautifully sculpted also because of who they are. They are so different and yet I could find myself attracted to both of them. 


We have "care-free" Libby, going off to New Zealand to do a research in biochemistry. Since her father considers her to be a menace he hires Reece to follow her, take pictures of her and basically see that she "behaves". Reece isn't a spy.. far from it, but he needs the money to save his family's bar. Libby totally sees through him and catches him in no-time but instead of ruining Reece's job she decides to try and make him a double spy for extra benefit.


Along the way, Libby gets to know Reece's family - his hunk of a brother - Colin (YUM!), his older sister and their mother. She totally fits into Reece's family and he really doesn't know what to do about it, especially when Libby offers or rather asks Reece to have a strange relationship with her.


Libby feels safe with the cold hearted Reece, she knows he won't hurt her since she isn't even sure how much he likes her.. (with him it's REALLY hard to know..) Colin on the other hand is totally different - a total man-whore (or that's what the "rumors" imply) which she find quite intimidating but he is also great fun (especially on Karaoke nights) so naturally they become best friends. As her best friend, Colin tries helping Libby win his brother's heart which isn't an easy job for him considering he has a major but secretly crush on her.


I'm happy with how this story developed and how it was resolved. As you can guess I'm NOT going to tell you which one Libby ends up with. But I will say that I wasn't sure which one it will be. Maybe someone else will see it with a heartbeat but for me, who would have probably made the EXACT same thing it wasn't that obvious.. In a way I see why both of them are perfect for her but also I see that the one she chooses in the end is the "right one" for her. The one she truly needs but also the one who needs her. 


If you're wondering why it's a 4.5 stars and not full 5 it's something to do with Libby which was kinda awkward at certain times and I wasn't sure if she was totally believable. But all in all I loved her and I felt her aches and difficulties. 


This is another great book by Meg Maguire which as you already know I was introduced to through "Strangers on a Train" - "Thank you for Riding", but since then I also read the "Wilinski's trilogy" and the "Reluctant Nude" which was also great. I have 3 more books by her I want to read and then I want to read the books she wrote in the name Cara McKenna.


Yeah, totally recommended. I really wish I had a Reece and a Colin near by though I'm not doing ANY Karaoke!