Still So Hot! - Serena Bell

Still So Hot! (Harlequin Blaze) - Serena Bell

As I've already written on my March Goals - "Strangers on a Train" made quite an impression on me and ever since then I've been trying to read everything by these 5 authors naturally including Serena. 


I really wanted to love this one as I've loved the three novella I've already read by her (Ticket Home / Strangers on a train ; Rescue Me / Free valentine's novella ;After Midnight / Heating up the Holidays bundle) but sadly this one didn't deliver. I'd say it's a nice enough story but I wasn't invested enough in the plot.


Elisa is match making coach, to bust her reputation she decides to take on a celebrity client and teach her the secrets to finding herself a match in dreamy resort. Too bad her client is totally hopeless when it comes to falling for the wrong guys and she outdone herself by arriving with the worst guy for more than a night - Brett - who is also Elisa's former best friend and her crush for years. 


Celine - the celebrity - is SO annoying I couldn't wait for her to disappear from the picture and lets just say it took her a while to become scarce.. I didn't like anything and everything that happened with her. and I do think Elisa should have been aware of how difficult and immature she is.. I think that a match maker should consider an age limit and that her client suppose to WANT to have something serious or mature enough to hold a relationship. In my eyes she was simply too young to even get what Elisa wanted to teach her. 


Elisa and Brett's story was good but for me it took them too long to get the their HEA. I get why Elisa mistrusted him, I really do, but he was her best friend and actually he didn't do anything to make her NOT trust HIM. It was just her insecurity about herself and not wanting to get hurt. Brett is actually a really nice guy (no matter how many girl he screwed he was honest about not wanting more than that). So at times I was a little annoyed with Elisa.


Though I did love how she influenced him and how he made her realized she kinda forgotten how she used to be - more open, less tense, waiting for the next adventure. They are truly good for each other they are the best combination of good friends and lovers. 


Though this one wasn't a favorite, it was a nice read. Next book will be "Yours to Keep" also by Serena. I hope it would be better since I have high hopes when it comes to her.