Southern Winterland (By Degrees #0.5) - Taylor V. Donovan

Southern Winterland (By Degrees, #0.5) - Taylor V. Donovan

That's a really short novella, about 30 pages. It was nice but it was, well, I didn't find it interesting enough. 


Chris falls in love with his good and straight friend Remy after an almost first (and drunk) kiss. Trying to handle the feeling he keeps away from Remy as best as he can.


Remy, starting to consider he might not be only into gals but into Chris as well doesn't handle well the fact that Chris keeps his distance, he wants to confront Chris and see if his attraction might be mutual. 


Chris is planning a party which he needs Remy's help, the novella starts from Remy's POV on planning the event then moves to Chris with how he is trying to avoid Remy in the party itself. Lastly we have alternative POVs of both of them as they finally get down to it. 


I don't know, it wasn't "catching" enough for me. I don't know if it's only because it's short. The party and what went around with it wasn't interesting enough and their inner struggle went for too long. 


I'll be reading the next books in the series after this one.