Before You Break (Between Breaths #2) - Christina Lee

Before You Break  - Christina  Lee

I feel like a need a breather hehe

Awesome book. LOVED IT.

Even though I love easy going books there is something in me that keeps rooting for the broken heroes. and when the guy is the broken one who needs the girl it makes it even more beautiful. 


Remember Ella? Avery's best friend? She was dating Joel in "All of You" (the first in the "Between Breaths" series, though they could be both read as a stand alone) but as it turns out it doesn't really work out for them any more. They are both in this relationship for the wrong reasons (Joel is a douche..) and as Ella starts to realize that she also starts to notice Quinn. I love that name, I don't know why, but I just do. I also love his first name Daniel (though no one calls him that). One of my all times favorite named from when I was a kid. 


Quinn is quite the introvert. he is a star baseball player in college, lives in a frat house, but if you think these things define him, it's actually the other way around. He doesn't make such a big deal of the game, doesn't party with the girls or hang out in parties with the guys. He is just there and in some way he isn't. He made a choice to live "this live" awhile back though no one knows him, what he's been through and what he is dealing with now. 


One day when he feels strangled by his demons he calls the suicide hot line and speaks with Gabby, introducing himself as Daniel. Gabby becomes sort of his guide. He speaks to her, listens to her, accepts her advice and tries to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All these parts are heart breaking. Gabby is amazing, not just in general, she is amazing for him. Through his conversations with Gabby he decides to give his life a chance and try to find his place and a place for Ella whom he firstly attracted to, but very quickly he gets there is much more to her. He wants to get to know her, be "right" to her, not the broken person he is now. He wants to be able to really be there for her, with her. 


Gabby is actually Ella. Though they both don't know that.. Ella is fascinated by Daniel, she feels very connected to him. He talks about his guilt, talks about how his life isn't really worth it and it brings up the memory of her brother who killed himself a few years back. As it seems they are both dealing with death and being the survives. 


Ella confines in Quinn, telling him about her brother, about her life, but Quinn is closed up, he can't talk about his past with her, but as Daniel he CAN talk with Gabby, a person that though doesn't have a face, just a voice touches him and makes it possible for him to open up. But Gabby can't share her experience in life with Daniel since the hot line is about being there and giving advice. 


You're going to wait quite a long time for the realization that Ella is Gabby and Quinn is Daniel but it is SO worth it. 


This book is so sensitive and beautiful. The romance is a pleasure to read. and sure, it was fun getting a little bit of Avery and Bennett :) Though we got really little about Rachel - the next book in the series called "Whisper to Me". I actually don't know anything about her except for being a kind of slut.. I wish I would have a little bit of a glimpse into who she is before the next one, though I'm sure I'll love it as I did this one and the previous one. 



HIGHLY Recommended!