The Backup Boyfriend (The Boyfriend Chronicles, #1) - River Jaymes

The Backup Boyfriend - River Jaymes

WOW! I started this one yesterday, didn't really know what to expect and every sentence I read in this book made me fall in love with it. Everything about it. I thought to myself, what happen to these kinds of easy reads? Where you begin reading and even when there's tension in the air it is still light, and somehow funny (thought the angst comes later on). I got to this one through Danielle's blog.


 I loved both Dylan and Alec, no matter how different they are who they are with each other made the difference. Their romance was beautiful even if it doesn't seem like romance, maybe it's more for both of them figuring out what they want, who they want and sticking with it, going after their hearts.


It all started when Alec buys a motorcycle he can't even ride.. just to make himself feel better after Tyler his boyfriend (nearly husband) for the last two years broke up with him.


Self note here – Didn't I do that as well? Well, I didn't BUY a motorcycle after a two years relationship that was close to a marriage broke to pieces I just "upgraded" my motorcycle license to include heavy duty motorcycles (even though I didn't see one in my near or far future). It felt good, ya know?


Back to our story, which is MUCH more interesting than my boring life.. Trying to figure out his motorcycle and how to manage it he goes to Dylan who owns a motorcycle shop.

Alec who blabbers when feeling anxious kinda outed his life problems to Dylan who found the information a tidy bit on the lines of TMI.. Then he meets Alec's ex when he comes to tune Alec's motorcycle and his protective side kicks in. He can't see Alec feeling like shit and how Tyler behaves around him. So he kinda accidentally stats that he and Alec are sleeping together. Why the hell did he have to do that? Now as it turns out he is half forced to play the backup boyfriend at an event both Alec and Tyler will be on.


Alec totally freaks out during that event and since Dylan had no idea what to do he kisses Alec. What he meant to happen isn't really what happened and not just in the kiss prospective but in everything else that happens between him and Alec.


Alec is the commitment kinda guy. He wants to live in his urban house, with his husband, probably kids too.  But Dylan is a different story entirely, as Noah puts it "Dylan is as straight as it gets" and he also doesn't do relationships, with women OR men.. The only thing they are compatible in are motorcycles. Yet something blooms between the both of them. Noah – as a friend to both of them, tries to talk them from acting on their mutual attraction. He knows Dylan NONE commitment personality and he knows Alec ALL commitment personality and he knows Alec will just end up hurt. But as it seems no one actually listens to Noah though he has good thinking and actually good advice (well, sometimes..).


Dylan is unable to stay away from Alec since he finds him a good friend (plus the benefits..) and Alec just wants Dylan and for a change he is willing NOT to think about anything besides having fun with Dylan. But how long can THAT last?


What's the deal with Alec and his "obsession" with relationships? What's the deal with Dylan NOT wanting any, and not willing to try and "tag" himself as straight, gay or bi. There's more to Dylan's story than Alec who is pretty much – what you see is what you get. But he is also cute as hell, I can see all the tiny things that Dylan adores in Alec. I can also see the attraction that Alec finds in Dylan who is really a very unique person. Never thought about it until this book, but actually that's a little "advantage" in reading MM Romance – you get to fall for TWO guys at the same time! Hehe


It was a quick read simply because I couldn't put it down. The pace was excellent the dialogues and interaction between the two of them felt very genuine to me. I could both feel Alec and Dylan and their issues. And even though you want to hate Tyler from the start you soon realize that he is somehow misunderstood in the whole situation. I can't wait for the next book in the series about him! I didn't see anything online about it, but it's mentioned in the last page when the book concludes.


Oh, which reminds me – I loved the ending. The whole last chapter was SUCH a HEA for me though to some people it wouldn't be. So for those of you who want more there's an Epilogue who delivers it. But I, personally, didn't need it. I almost closed the kindle on the last word with a stupid happy smile. Then I reminded myself there WAS an epilogue somewhere around here, tapping the screen – oh, here it is!   


I'm not sure how many books will be in the series, but I really hope Noah will have a book as well. His character is GREAT! Though he is nosy as hell, and will say whatever he wants to say (appropriate or not) and mostly in the most INappropriate situations..  he is just what both Alec and Dylan needs and if not, he is what the plot needs.


LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! HIGHLY recommended!