Rescue Me - Serena Bell

Rescue Me - Serena Bell

This is a very short novella (round 30 pages) released for free for Valentine's Day!


It was such a sweet little story. Really enjoyed it. In a sentence, Molly got stuck on the balcony when she tries to "save" a shoe she accidentally threw out the window after her boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend as it seems, dumped her on Valentine's Day. Her sexy neighbor Dave comes to the rescue and by the way shows her how much more she deserves even more she doesn't ask for much.


I think I kinda needed this novella. Just finished a book I was SO waiting for and was totally disappointed with. Needed something to get my mind of it and leave me with a smile on my face :)


I read two short novellas by Serena - "Ticket Home", "After Midnight" - and have on my reading list two full novels by her - "Still so Hot!" and "Yours to Keep".