up from the Grave (Night Huntress #7) - Jeaniene Frost

Up From the Grave - Jeaniene Frost

I was waiting for this one a LONG time. But when it was actually published it was like I was scared to read the last book in the series. I LOVED the previous ones and saying goodbye seemed a little bit too soon. Sure, there will be at least two more - one in the Night Huntress World as Jeaniene had promised and another one of the Night Prince which I absolutely in love with. I think the Night Prince is my all times favorite series! 


Jeaniene wanted to have two more books in the series but after publishing "Home for the Holidays" (Night Huntress #6.5) she said she will be finishing the series after only one book since that's all she has planned for Cat and Bones. I get that and I really supported that though some people were disappointed. OK, I was also disappointed but I rather have a great series then a medium one continuing to no end.. 


So after two weeks of contemplating I finally picked this one up. The writing as usual was a pleasure, witty, funny and in an excellent pace. BUT there were some things that threw me of my "happy zone". 


First lets talk Don. The guy's an ass. Always have been always will be (maybe it runs in the family?). I couldn't stand him from the start. He kept betraying Cat no matter what and in the end she forgave him, he is family after all.. This book started with Cat trying to figure out what he was keeping from her. Well, about time.. I don't understand why Don has to wait until being pushed to tell Cat the truth. She deserved it! Firstly because she does.. and secondly because HE OWES HER that! So everything about him in this book, what he kept from her REALLY annoyed me. Not to mention what it was which just felt "too much". I don't want to give anything away but I don't like when a book goes THAT far into "end of the world" concept (and that's all I'm going to say about the matter you need to read it for yourself since everything else would be a HUGE spoiler..).


Secondly, Cat herself. There is something terribly annoying about her not being able to trust Bones or to actually listen to him as a call of reason.  She HAS to say the last word which means that in order for her not to DIE Bones have to lie and cheat so he could save her from HERSELF. Isn't it a bit too old? I remember the book Bones left her because she didn't trust him. He was right. As it seems she didn't change her ways. Sure, it's her nature but after so many years together, so many battles fought she should have grown up, learned that Bones is as bad ass as it gets and planning with him is MUCH better then planning without him - failing - then being angry with him for lying to her. 


Thirdly, Tate vs Bones. Really? Still? Too much damn ego between the two of them. When 90% of the times it's Tate behaving like a spoiled brat.. not a soldier that knows tackling down someone WAY stronger is just stupid and well, futile.. 


My rescue came form Ian, who, as usual, was a pleasure to read. Jeaniene said that the book planed in the Night Huntress World would be about him so I can't wait for that to happen! Too bad we don't have even a date yet! 


I have one other thing to say, and I've been thinking about it and how to write it down so I would get it out of my system while NOT spoilering..  I'm still not sure to tell you the truth.. at about 50% of the book we get an idea thrown in the air. Later on it is revealed what it is. But as soon as that happened I knew exactly where this  book is headed and I felt resigned.. I wasn't even sure I want to continue reading because that is the thing I hate the most in vampire related books. You have to know me quite well for that to be the HUGE spoiler that this statement is.. Yet I don't think anyone will get it.. hehe 


I remember reading a quote by Jeaniene saying that since there are no vampires to be found she can write her vampires as she pleases. There is no "right" or "wrong". I agree with her, moreover I love her books, love her writing so I was SO disappointed when she did that to me. I just felt broken. I believe that vampire are what they are and that there is always a price to be paid for being that way. You can't have everything. You get to have what you get to have - there are limits. For me what Jeaniene did in this book is take the "punch" out of that.


I kept on reading, sure I did, but as the book continues Cat started changing in front of my eyes. Yes from the start she said she wanted a little peace. That she and Bones deserved that and I agree, but somewhere along the way she changed so much it was just, I don't know... There were parts near the end that instead of being swept with emotions I just mumbled - Really? THAT cheesy? 


So from about half of the book right about to the last 10% of the book I was just reading and thinking to myself that this was one of my absolute favorite series and now I can't even read this without flinching. Last 10% percent was a lot of action so I was on with that, since it means I didn't have time to think about MY feelings and then it ended. A happy note of course because that's who Jeaniene is. I do hope that it the next two books or others to come we won't hear of Cat and Bones because this have been too much for me. I feel cheated because in my eyes Jeaniene cheated out the rules even if there are no rules. I'm going to say something nasty, I'm sorry, but I feel like I "have to". This ended for me just like Twilight. I remember reading the first two and it was a nice series (no way NEAR Jeaniene brilliance!) then the last two came and it was just, well, stupid.  It switched from been a paranormal romance to being a freaking fairy tale. I do love myself a happily ever after but that one was over the top HEA, I felt I was injected with too much sugar! somehow this one felt exactly the same to me. Sugar overdose. WAY too much sugar. Vampires are about the gloom and doom. Happy ending, Happily EVER after, yeah. but popsicles and balloons? naaa