Finding CInderella (Hopeless #2.5) - Colleen Hoover

Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover

This novella is a gift from Colleen to her readers, thanking them (or should I say - us) for the support she was given right from the first novel she published - Slammed. Which mean it's offered for free. You can read this one as a stand alone since it doesn't contain any spoilers to the two prior books - Hopeless and Losing Hope.  


This is the story of Six - Sky's best friend and Daniel - Holder's best friend and how they come to be together. It's a sweet story, I really enjoyed it, enjoyed both Six and Daniel (especially Daniel!). I loved their interaction together, loved how they found each other and how they built their relationship from nothing to fully committed in practically a blink.


Daniel's sense of humor and how it worked amazingly with hers made this novella such a fun read! Unlike the previous two which were "heavy" in the subject they dealt with, this one is different, very easy going. I guess after these two it's nice having to read something lightweight and getting to read Holder and Sky on a regular scenario where they can just be happy together with no drama. 


Six and Daniel met about a year before the main plot happens, encountered each other in a dark place, pretending for less then an hour being in love with each other. After their time was up, they each went their separate ways - Six left to Italy and Daniel stayed. Daniel who have been looking for his Cinderella ever since then was VERY surprised but EXTREMELY happy to find out that his new love interest - Six - it his one and only Cinderella. Six went through a lot this year so finding out Daniel it the guy she slept with a year ago didn't made her really happy - the opposite, she changed and she doesn't want to be the person she was before.


But as these things go, they get their happily ever after :) and I was very pleased with how this one was concluded and how they worked it out, which reminds me again I should say this is a New Adult novella even though they are in school and only recently turned 18. I love the mature way they both handled the issue. 


Colleen will be releasing two books soon - "Maybe Someday" and "Ugly Love" - already added them to my list. I know I didn't really like the first series ("Slammed") but this one made me fall in love with her and her characters.