Losing Hope (Hopeless #2) - Colleen Hoover

Losing Hope  - Colleen Hoover

Everything I wrote about "Hopeless" is true about this book. This is a heart breakingly beautiful Novel. I love everything about it, and especially Holder's own voice. 

I loved "Hopeless" and getting the story from Sky's POV but hearing it from Holder's gave a different vibe to the story.


This book begins 13 months prior to "Hopeless" and tells us a little bit more about Les and Holder's relationship and portraits the few days before Les's suicide and what happens after it resulting in him moving for a year to his father. 


We get to see his personal pain and how he deals with it - mainly blames himself. 

Then we get to him meeting Sky and we get to see his ongoing struggle with who she is, who he wants her to be and his struggle with telling her or not and the consequences of it. 


We get a little bit more after "Hopeless" is concluded, about last 5% of the book, but what we get left me in tears and that's saying a lot! We get to hear a little from both Beth (Les and Holder's mother) and from Les herself about the past where Hope is concerned and more than that. 


We also get to know a little bit of Daniel - Holder's best friend who is not just a good friend he is hilarious! I can't wait to read his novella "Finding Cinderella"! I loved how he dealt with what his friend was going through (after Les's suicide and before he left to his father's). He felt so genuine to me. I only wish I could have known someone like him in person - he is so unique! and funny, did I say he was funny? Yeah, he definitely is! Oh, and we get a tiny glimpse into his novella - how he meets Cinderella (Six, Sky's best friend).


Can't praise this novel and the previous one - "Hopeless" enough. Just read it. You'll get it once you do :)