The "Best First Kiss" (Hopeless #1.5) - Colleen Hoover

The “best first kiss” (Hopeless #1.5) - Colleen Hoover

There aren't a lot to write about this one except it's a joy to read. Only thing is - you MUST read Hopeless BEFORE or it will spoiler the HELL out of you. But you SHOULD know that this scene is a part of "Losing Hope" - the next book in the series which is Holder's perspective of "Hopeless". I actually didn't know that.. So don't be surprised when you encounter this scene about half way through "Losing Hope".


This is the same beautiful scene in which Holder doesn't want to give in to their first kiss but does kiss her, so beautifully and passionately, while not REALLY kissing her. It also gives away what Holder was thinking and where he is with Sky. 


Third time a charm - BEAUTIFUL


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