Magic Graves: One for the Money (Night Huntress #4.5) - Jeaniene Frost ; A Questionable Client (Kate Daniels #0.5) - Ilona Andrews

Magic Graves - Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost

One for the Money (Night Huntress #4.5) - Jeaniene Frost

3.5 Stars

Unlike the two previous Novellas, this one is of Cat and Bones. It was a nice enough story, Cat taking up a guarding job from her uncle Don to protect a girl who is targeted for her life by her cousin wanting her fortune. The girl was quite annoying and Cat and Bones were soon sick of her. They encountered Cat's mother and we see for once that Bones and Justina are sort of mending their attitude against one another.

I liked it but it really lacked "meat", it was just too short to stand on it's own. In a way there wasn't any "point" to the job they got and how it concluded. I see it more as an introduction to Justina accepting more of Bones and her new condition as a vampire.


A Questionable Client (Kate Daniels #0.5) - Ilona Andrews

2 Stars

This is the first I'm reading by Ilona. I have one book by her marked to be read - "Clean Sweep" - which I added after I read a recommendation about it (can't recall who it was though..).

I'll start by saying that this genre isn't my type. If it's yours you might really enjoy it, so don't take my word for it if this is you "thing" :)

First it's a kind of dystopian world which usually I don't handle too well, the world is different than it used to be, there is magic though limited to certain times and the technology works occasionally, didn't really get when that one works of the other. Kate is a mercenary who works for a guild who gives her the jobs. She is very well paid to guard someone for one night (I'm guessing this dude is important to the series, or will make an appearance). There are a lot of strange creatures I've never heard of (I don't know if it's me lacking in knowledge or if they are simply invented by Ilona) and there are groups with certain agendas,the world is very different from how we know it. 

Basically it's a fantasy world, maybe somewhere in the past I would have liked it, I don't know, but for me, especially for a short novella there were SO many details to take into account I just couldn't handle it and half of the time I wasn't sure what I was reading. I can honestly say, I didn't get it, I'm sorry. 

There is a good pace to this one, a lot of action, weird details about the world. If you like this kind of dystopian messed up with creatures, magic and technology it might totally be your thing. 

I'm starting to wonder about "Clean Sweep", I'll have to read again the synopsis to see if it would be my thing. It's one thing reading a short novella in a genre I'm not really into, reading a whole book is something else.