Happily Ever After (Night Huntress World #1.5) - Jeaniene Frost

Happily Never After (Night Huntress #2.5) - Jeaniene Frost

Here I am continuing with reading short novella's of the Night Huntress World. This one tells the story of Chance. Chance's sire - Bones - asks him to take care of a "small matter" for him, helping out Greta, an old friend of his. Greta is worried her grandchildren - Frazier and Isa - are mixed up with the mafia. Frazier has gone missing, probably kidnapped by Robert - Isa's (not so willingly) fiance.. 


All Chance suppose to do is find out where Robert is holding Frazier and after rescuing him "taking care" of Robert so Isa could get out of his too strong a grasp. But after meeting Isa and getting to know her, all he wants to do is keep her to himself. But what can he do about the fact that she isn't ready to handle his vampire identity? and that fact that Frazier is no where to be found?


I loved every character in this one, loved Chance's sense of humor, Isa's strong character and really enjoyed Greta who is SO not the regular grandmother :)


Great novella! I thought it would be a Cat and Bones novella but actually I'm glad that it's just a nice paranormal romance in the Night Huntress World. Recommended even if you haven't the slightest clue in the series.