Reckoning (Night Huntress #0.5) - Jeaniene Frost

Reckoning - Jeaniene Frost

This short novella takes place before Bones and Cat meet. I can't remember in which book Cat and Bones return to New Orleans but here we learn what was the reason Bones was banned from the city and wasn't in good terms with Marie Louveau when he left the city. 


Bones is contacted by one of Marie's ghouls to kill a vicious ghoul couple in her name. This couple is quite notorious and have been killing for years (disappearing when they finish their "fit" making it hard to catch them). Bones doesn't have just to find them and kill them, he also has to run from a bounty hunter aiming for HIS head. 


It's a nice enough novella. Has quite a lot of action and naturally no real romance in it. It was ok, but I wish it would have been more funny (like his interaction with Cat and his friends). I don't think it matters when you read this one, I think it shouldn't be the first thing you read by Jeaniene or in the "Night Huntress" series, because I don't think it will "catch" you. I think it suits the "Night Huntress" addicts like me :)