Catch a Ghost (Hell or High Water #1) - SE Jakes

Catch a Ghost - S.E. Jakes

This is my first book by SE Jakes, got my recommendation to her books through a "Cut & Run" forum. I liked the book quite a lot, but I'm giving it 4 stars for the same reason I gave the first book in the PNR series Midnight Breed 4 starts - it's not that the story, character and writing wasn't "good enough" it's just that it was too similar to something else I've read.. In the Midnight Breed series I meant resembling the Black Dagger Brotherhood and in this case - too similar to Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux.


Yeah, I got the recommendation from people who enjoy Ty and Zane so it's not surprise they love this one as well. and as I said, it's good, the characters are interesting and secretive enough to keep us on our toes BUT there are too many similarities even in the characters themselves - Ty to Prophet and Zane to Tom. There were also similarities in the plot, not in what happened in the book, but the way they came to together and what made them come together.


BUT my review is positive since even though I see the similarities I always say that somewhere it's all been written before, you know? so my first impression might be "hey, it's the same" but even so it doesn't mean the series won't have what it takes to become its own. That's what happened to me with Midnight Breed, first book I had one eyebrow raised, but after reading the next one (and after that ALL the following) I realized I LOVED it and f*ck the similarities! 


Cut & Run have been the first MM Romance I've ever read. I've read before that the last book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood in which the main couple were gay, but I guess it's different since I've read 8 other books in the series and it's mainly a PNR and since it's a series about a bunch of warriors the plot wasn't solely about the couple. For me, Cut & Run opened my eyes into a genre I would have never considered reading. why? no specific reason, maybe because I would have thought it won't interest me, or something like that. I tend to stick to the things I like and not always look sideways to genres I'm less familiar with. 


What I loves about this one and also in Cut & Run (well, in Unhinge the Universe as well :)) the whole concept of romance between two "men in uniform", even if in this particular book there both aren't serving (they work in a private company of special assignments). What they have both been through, the way the can relate to each other even if they don't know all the details. No woman can ever REALLY relate to that unless she was a fighter herself, but even the most bad-ass woman is still a woman and the fact that they are both hardened men (because of who they are and what they have been through) make it perfect in my eyes. I see why it works and how it works and I keep applauding for those "manly-men" to put the defense down and find the comfort they could only find in each other. 


So, what's this one about? well, we are introduced to EE a company that works special cases I guess for agencies maybe private as well, I'm not sure.. Prophet has been working there for a while but he isn't the kind to settle with a partner. He was a wired connection with his neighbor Cillian which he never actually met only talk to on-line. He is former Navy SEAL and also CIA and naturally all of this is classified and some of that makes it quite impossible for him to have a good night sleep.. 


Prophet is coupled with Tom, a former FBI and sheriff's office, who feels that bad luck is following him. He also have an interesting violent back ground which works well with the job the two of them got - finding out why a cage fighter got bitten up and murdered. This mission brings back a lot from the both of them. From Prophet since, Chris, the guy who got killed was the brother of his childhood best friend. For Tom because he has been in fights before.. We don't learn a lot about Tom's past in this book, mostly about a certain event in Prophet's live which changed him forever. 


Their romance was difficult. I don't know if it's something about "guys being guys" especially "those" kinda guys, but there is first the physical attraction they both can't deny and much much later the self admission that there is more than just that.. I guess I'm liking it this way and I can see why men like these two would rather succumb to attraction and passion and not getting really attached. and I love watching how the attachment actually happens and how slowly they realize it while doing those small things for each other on the way while not admitting it actually means anything :P


I'll be jumping on to the next book in the series and I saw that there are two more planned for the future (don't know if more than that) also there is an independent novella called "Free Falling" about the "EE World" and Jakes is also starting a new series about Cillian (Prophet's neighbor) called "Dirty Deeds" and since I LOVED his character I'll surely read it as well (first one just got published yesterday btw :))


and if you're wondering what happened to my fwd reading, I'm sick so as it seems most of what I've been doing the weekend till now is read, not such a bad thing if you ask me.. ;)