Heart of Darkness: The Darkest Angel (Lords of the Underworld #4.5) [Lysander & Bianka] - Gena Showalter

Heart of Darkness: The Darkest AngelLove Me to DeathLady of the Nile - 'Gena Showalter',  'Maggie Shayne',  'Susan Krinard'

This is a short novella from the Lords of the Underworld series, unlike the previous 2 novellas in the series that had no real connection to the main story, this one features a character we met in the previous book of the series - The Darkest Whisper - Bianka who is Gwen's sister and like her also a Harpy. 


Lasyter is an Elite Angel which means he is exactly what you'd imagine an Elite Angel to be - Gorgeous but as boring and righteous as anyone can get - which is the exact opposite to the mischievous Bianka who is most dangerous when she gets bored. which she does when he abducts her and placed her on his cloud as a prisoner.


In his mind he is doing her a favor, he is saving her! he would teach her (a Harpy!) how to "behave" and be righteous as he is and by that he also hope he can get her out of his system. Lasyter doesn't know why he is attracted to her, why she became his obsession but mostly he doesn't know how to deal with Bianka's attempt to seduce him (and make him release her) Bianka isn't scared of Lasyter even if she is held prisoner by him, and even if he is physically stronger than her - mentally she is stronger then him and she WILL defeat him and make him HER prisoner. 


Here are some tidy bits of enjoyment by Bianka the "captive" so you'll get why I'M totally in love with her!!


"Poor guy, she thought with a shudder. Clearly he had no idea the crappy hand he'd been dealt. If she had to choose between being an angel and a dog, she'd choose the dog. They, at least, were respectable"


"Yeah, I understand. That doesn't mean I'll obey"


"I wasn't teasing you. I mean to keep you here forever and train you to be sinless", "Gods, how - oops, sorry. I mean golly, how adorable are you?"


"She liked to steal - so what. She could kill without blinking - again, so what. It wasn't like she worked for the IRS or anything"


"Show me around", she said. "If I'm going to live here, I need to know where my walk-in closet is". [...] "Do we have cable?". "No. And I cannot give you a tour. I have duties. Important duties.". "Yeah, you do. My pleasure. That should be priority one".


"But his plans didn't matter, she supposed, since he would soon be at her mercy. Not that she had any."


"That didn't change her plans, however. She would seduce him - and then she would slice his heart in two. A symbolic gesture, really. An inside joke between them. Well, for herself. He might not get".


Naturally, as I fell deeply in love with her so does he.. But "sadly", she can't get HIM out of her system as well. and as she gets him to release her all she wants is him back, and since he can't really let her go as well... 


This is a MUST READ for anyone even if you haven't read the series. Though if you haven't there are spoilers that refer to the characters from the series (mostly who they are mated to but also the is a reference to one artifact which is revealed in book 3). So you should take that in mind.. 


Also we get a snippet of who's the angel snooping around Aeron and what's her objective. and I do think Lasyten should have helped her after hearing her side of the story.


I'm not sure if it's a necessary book in the series (I'm sure we'll get all the information about Aeron's Angel in the next book) but since this one is fun and mischievous as only a Harpy could be - do yourself a favor and read it! and that's without me mentioning how she makes Lasyter and Paris wrestle while covered in oil.. oops... ;)