The Darkest Prison (Lords of the Underworld #3.5) [Atlas & Nike]- Gena Showalter

The Darkest Prison (Lords of the Underworld, #3.5) - Gena Showalter

This is a side novella to the Lords of the Underworld Series. The Lords are mentioned very briefly but nothing specific. You shouldn't read this one if you haven't read the 3rd book since there are two spoilers 

Cronus mentions Danika being the eye and also Sienna is held at his court (as he told Paris in the previous book)

(show spoiler)

Aside from that I don't think it matters when you read this one. So don't feel bad postponing it for later if you're eager to keep reading the next one of Sabin.


This is the story of the two gods of Strength - Atlas the Titan and Nike the Greek. When the Titans were held captive - Atlas did his best to seduce any female guard to try and being released. Lucky for him Nike fancied him. Too bad a minute before releasing him she realized she is not the only only he seduced. Angry as hell she tattooed her name on his chest and did her best to forget him (didn't work though.. ). Then the wheel has turned - Nike the one held captive and Atlas in charge with the prison. Atlas starts his torment by tattooing HIS name on Nike's back (not to ruin her chest ;)) and since that moment he realized she is who he wants. She was the one he always wanted. But why should Nike believe that NOW he wants her "for real"? and how can they maintain a relationship while she is a prisoner?


It was a nice enough story. nothing "major". What I did like is that she isn't the typical beauty - she is the goddess of strength so naturally there is something more "mannish" about her. But still she is exactly what the hunk who is Atlas wants. I liked how he seduces her on the one hand but thought him a coward for failing to say what needed to be said - hey, no one's perfect - even a Titan god.. or maybe being vain and prideful is exactly what you would expect from both of them..