Fun Monday - Starting the week with a Smile :)


Here in Israel there is no longer a reason to say ominously - "Winter is Coming!" Winter is surely here and it's been years and years since it have been THAT cold and rainy.


Nicki my new 8 months old Whippet puppy is experiencing her first winter and I must say she is very sweet and accepting about it. 


But since Whippets tend to freeze even when it's not even that cold at the first drop of rain I ran to the store to buy her a home sweater AND a winter coat.


I wasn't sure how she was going to react to being dressed up... she doesn't really like to be fussed about (good luck trying to cut her nails..) and she is VERY oral about everything (licks and bites to get the right idea about everything around her)..


would she like her new sweater? Pluto surely hated his one!


Here is my Nicki with her purple sweater. I can assure you that less then a week old now, he is lacking all of his "gems" on the side and is half eaten already.. but don't worry I already ordered her 2 more :)


Nicki Sweater




When I was a kid everyday at noon there was this "Walt Disney Snippet" of about 5 minutes. A lot of what was on were oldies (some even black and white). My grandfather used to program his VHS to copy those snippets and I can't count the number of times I've sat at his house watching them (combined together to something like 4 or 5 VHS cassettes). Years have past since I even laid eyes on those cassettes but their memory is burned into my "hard drive" and I find myself remembering them in small moments in life.


Most people around me (=everyone except for my siblings) have no idea what I'm talking about when I mention that scene or another and I always wish I could share them and make people know about them, appreciate them and have a laugh - and maybe next time I'm making fun of something and referring to a specific scene they'd know what I'm thinking about :))


*   *   *


I was thinking about adding a little more to my blog besides book reviews. Something fun and not too serious like a video, a pic maybe a short funny story. I wanted to make it something regular on a certain day. My week starts on Sunday BUT I'm not a very friendly person on Sunday so I'm willing to skip it and consider Monday the positive start of the week. 


Expect more to come next week!