Truly - Ruthie Knox

Truly - Ruthie Knox

I'm starting to consider I might be addicted to Ruthie's books.. I've read everything she published (except for the Roman Holiday which I bought and will be reading this weekend probably) and each novel make me realize how much I love reading her!


This book can be read for free till the end of the year through Wattpad (in the summer the book will be published regularly following 2 more books in the series). It's a really cool concept! When it started each week Ruthie published a few chapters till the ending of the novel (which was a little over a week ago). So you get the suspense of "what to come" each week.


Ruthie continued with this concept of publishing in parts with her new novel - Roman Holiday - She is planning to publish it in 10 parts. 5 first parts started this week and after the 5 are published we'll have a break till March with the final 5 (in the end it will be published as a complete book). 


I have a love-hate relationship with this concept. I like that I have "weekly snippets" and it means you get to enjoy the book for a longer time but at the same time I hated waiting for the new chapters to be added! and I'd say that since I'm obsessive reader naturally I read more books while waiting for the next installment. So now that I have to review it - it's a little difficult when I have too many books mashed around in my head :D 


If it wasn't obvious through all this rumble - I LOVE IT! the characters - Ben and May are so REAL. It's something I love about Ruthie's characters - they are real (imaginary ;)) people. May has her issues as does Ben, and none of them are Miraculously solved just by meeting up with their other half. They have their flaws, they have their lives that aren't perfect and that's just makes the story itself much more enjoyable.


May hates New York, this city just doesn't work for her, well, her relationship with her jock boyfriend doesn't work either.. she decided to leave him and go home! too bad she is robbed and have no money (except for 5 bucks) and no ID.. She decides to waste her precious 5 bucks on beer in a bar hoping she would find a nice person to help her out. Too bad the only person there is Ben - and one thing can be said for certain about HIM - he is NOT a nice person.. but he decided to help her out anyway thinking he COULD be nice (or, not a total dick) if he really puts his mind to it. 


May spends the end of the weekend with Ben since it's labors day weekend (I have no idea what it is since I'm not American.. holiday from work I do understand which is enough for me :)) and it's somehow difficult to catch a flight or take a bus or a train home. Ben decided he will make the effort to change May's hatred for New York city. He "drags" her around the city making her see the city as he sees it. It's not what you'd see as a tourist it's kinda special and different (though I think that I personally wouldn't like New York, maybe if I had a Ben.. ;)). That's all I'm going to say about the plot :)


I think both Ben and May are the kind of people who lose themselves to life around them. Ben is (or rather was) a chef but while being a chef he found his uglier side, a furious side when he had to deal with the pressure (not just the enjoyment of making the food..). May on the other hand, when in stress, like her problems with her ex, tends to just agree with what happens around her not wanting to create a mess or to hurt anyone. Not only because of that they are perfect for each other. They find in each other a brighter side most people don't get to see.