Curve Ball - Charlotte Stein

Curve Ball - Charlotte Stein

oh HOW MUCH I enjoyed this one.. 


I'm (still) on vocation, having time to read almost as I please but today started annoying continued to impossible and "ended" with wanting to be left alone. If only I could have done what I did today everytime THAT happens! :D I put on my bathing suit, took other swimming acessories, my kindle and a bottle of water. 3 hours later. I'm totally relaxed having swam a little but mostly comsumed this short novella. Came to my room feeling absolute bliss. Even had an epiphany - All I want in life can be expressed in these few sentences - Being left in peace to read, preferable not wearing much (= bathing suit)  on a comfortable chair enjoying the agreeable rays of sun (=not too hot) and reading of other (imaginary) people life, a life I would clearly wouldn't have (that without even mentioning vampires.. oops I just did... :D) 


I hate spoilering so I try not to though this is a short novella and a very obvious one (I'm not saying it in a bad way..) We have Judy, stuck on a cruze with her brother, her sister in law and her brotherls best friend Steven. Well, she accepted the cruze since she thought it would be a nice time off (presumably after her break up with her boyfriend). She was feeling good about the cruze up until she found out Steven - her secret crush for the past 10 years - is here with them too..


Steven (in a way) says the wrong thing, something that makes Judy blow up and yell at him. From this point Steven's behaviour toward her changes because it seems what she thought of him is not exactly how or who he is.


This book is funny. so DAMN funny! Judy is SO insecure so she thinks of all these impossible things that might be happening since what IS happening doesn't make any sense to her (you do realize I mean Steven being interested in her). Also the way she sees Steven is just helarious! I should have highlighted half the book, especially the beginning.. 


A fun sexy read I recommend to anyone. Though it did made me think of my teenage crush and what a total mess I made of THAT one :S I'll take Steven any time over him - YUM - and over the fact that he is who he is - he is interested in the not so perfect Judy. or maybe I should say that she is what 'most of us' are.  curvy and insecure of our curviness. I would also HIGHLY recomment "Run to you" by the same author. kinkier than this one, funny and smart and also have a less than perfect heroine.