Taking Him Down (Wilinski #2) - Meg Maguire

Taking Him Down - Meg  Maguire

WOW! what a pleasure this one was! Though I liked the first one of Mercer and Jenna, I loved this one much more!


So we have Rich Estrada a YUM of a boxer but also a rising star. After a sucessful fight he is signed off, during the after party of the fight he and Lindsey share a very passionate kiss but it ends too quickly leaving the both of them with a memory they wish they could repeat but understand they can't.


Forgot who Lendsey is? Jenna's very capable assistant in the matchmaking agency placed one floor up from the club which Mercer (Jenna'ls boyfriend) runs. In the previous book we saw there is heat or at least good possibility of chemestry between the both of them but basically it was Rich being himself - flirting like hell with the girl with (or without) a skirt.


This book was such a fun read! I felt not only the chemistry between the two of them but also "my" chemistry with the book. I'm on holiday so I had the whole day to read (if I wished and I did!!) So I read this one almost without stopping.


Rich is so much more than he lets everyone see and how he opens up to Lendsey is just beautiful. I loved everything that happened with Lendsey's sister Maya and how it ended up, also loved Rich' family and how close they are and how Lindsey sees them and feel about them.


I felt the book had the perfect pace. Both Lindsey and Rich needed time to understand what and how they want from each other. Rich is such a MAN, a manly man, not the romantic kind but as I see it - the PERFECT kind. I'll take a Rich - a true prince - everyday, but I guess I won'lt find any loitering around.. or maybe I'm hanging in the wrong placed ;)