All of You (Between Breaths #1) - Christina Lee

All of You - Christina  Lee

OH MY _____ (please insert whichever divine/mystical creature/being you believe in - Unicorns will do as well...)

you know what, let me rephrase - OM MY FREAKING _____ 

and if we are on a religious context (a little) - NOT reading this Novel is simply a SIN!


I read this book in one day, one day I struggled to do whatever it is I do - as less as possible - and as much reading as I could. It was a torture putting this book down. 

went to sleep on 3 a.m. exhausted with a happy smile on my face. Still trying to adjust to life  again - mainly because I"m so damn tired! Which is why it's so difficult for me to write the review. 


If this is Lee's first novel, I'm scared of what's to come. I really am.. (though naturally I added to my "to read" list her next Novel "Before you Break" - about Ella - Avery's best friend)


OK, so lets get down to business, what's this one about? Avery. She is 20 years old, works at a elderly nursing home while completing her nursing degree. Her past taught her that men shouldn't be trusted and a woman must have control over her life. So naturally she prefers un-complicated relations with men - mostly one night stands or the friends with benefits kind of deal. It's working great for her. She gets what she need, how she wants it and when she needs it and everything is according to her rules. perfect, right?


Sure it was, until Bennett. So who's Bennett? the smoking hot guy she meets at a party and doesn't even look at her direction when she tries to lure him in. Avery is deeply annoyed at that but hey, he's just a guy and what are the odds she'll ever see HIM again (especially considering the snippet of conversation she heard about him moving). Finding out he is moving IN to her apartment building was quite a surprise...


I won't say what happens, just that something does. and Bennett is accidentally there and helps her out. Bennett admits he is interested in Avery - very much interested, but he doesn't want to be her friend with benefits, he is looking for a meaningful relationship and he won't settle on that. Too bad Avery is not interested in more that sleeping with guys. She doesn't trust them and she doesn't feel like checking out if they are worth trusting. 


What I love about this Novel (Except for everything ;))?


Avery is real. I can see how the life she is living is what she needs to endure her past. I understand her connection to nursing though it's not that obvious in the beginning. I get why she doesn't want to trust Bennett but is drawn to him and can't turn away from the friendship she savors (even though it scares her and even though it's lacking in what she wants - sex with him). I love how her character develops, how she can't have him but she can't also stay away. She sticks by but doesn't acknowledge her feeling for him. I love the interaction she has with her 2 best friends - the one that represent her past that knows her for "real" and the one that is more like her, free and independent, flirtatious with a very sharp tongue to go around with it. They are like these small angels on her shoulders, the one pushing her to Bennett's direction while the other draws her back to the way she is used to live her life. The way she can control her fate. I also loved Mrs. Jackson - a woman Avery feels very close to in the elderly nursing home. She tries to make Avery see that Bennett is the right choice. I only wish we could have had more of their conversation (Since most of them we hear in retrospect).


And Bennett. oh Bennett. I guess this is the point where I shout out -


He is just perfect. They don't "make" guys like that in the real world. So if you were wondering how fictional this Novel is - considering Bennett - very fictional!

Bennett (just like Avery) had a very rough childhood. He practically raised his sisters. Seeing what men did to his mother, being so close to his sisters, taking care of them, he vows he won't be "one of those dick of a guys" he saw growing up. He's going to be different. He is going to be with a woman he really cares about. He is going to save his virginity as well - for that special woman. He want's her to be Avery, but Avery doesn't do "love and relationship" (in this order or the other way around). But Bennett won't break his ideals. This is who he is, how he raised himself to be.


I'm sure you realize how this story results because I'm telling you now - there is no sane or insane woman who can actually resist Bennett. Bennett is simply a must have. Everyone should have a Bennett. and since we can't possible have that, at least we have this amazing book ;)


To sum it up - READ IT. it's simply A MUST.