Darker After Midnight (Midnight Breed #10 - Chase and Tavia) - Lara Adrian


I'm not sure how to rate this book. I'm leaning towards 3.5 stars.. 

The story itself of Tavia and Chase wasn't bad. I think that they fit. it "works" in my mind. But I think that their story was lacking in a way. I didn't see enough of them as a couple or "couple to be" (you know when it's still confusing for the both of them). Tavia is SO cool but I felt she was too anemic to who she "could" be, with her potential. .her resolve to end Dragos was simply stupid though it turned out for the best in the end... Chase in my mind is just, well, tiring, his conflicts ran through too many books that in the end I was just "not in the mood" to have more of his shit concentrated in one book.

My "problem" with not enough Tavia-Chase is due to the fact that we have (like in the previous book) more of the Order. which is GREAT. you get an amazing and sensitive scene with Lucan and Gabrielle (Just so you'll know what I'm taking about - steamy sex in the moonlight). We have more things happening with Jenna (and we sure have more interesting material to come from their revelations!). In general I feel that we had more of most of the characters, which I missed in some of the previous books. 

Dragos. well, I think we can all agree he is a sick bastard. but in this book you see HOW MUCH sick he is. personally, I was tired of him as well. he is TOO sick, his ideas are just too much in one person which they are hunting for wayyy too long (9-10 books). Some of the things he has done we still don't fully understand (and I wonder if there is any connection to what Jenna found out about the Ancient). I hate "apocalyptic" kind of books and Dragos's way seems exactly that. After this book some things are going to be different. how different - you'll have to read and find out :) 

I love this series, I love most of the characters. But as a "resolve" book of everything Dragos had in mind for the past 50 or so years - this book was somehow disappointing. Also, there are too many questions unanswered.
I'm not "hating" this book or "sorry I read it" - it was simply not as good as the previous ones and maybe the combination of two characters I didn't have the mind to read too much about - Dragos and Chase simply wasn't it for me.. The book has a lot of action to it, lots of things happening but it wasn't interesting enough for me if it took me THAT long to read (a week and a half).