Night's Darkest Embrace - Jeaniene Frost

Night's Darkest Embrace - Jeaniene Frost

I wasn't sure how this Novella will be.. new world in 100 pages and a story to be told in it too? 


I read Night Huntress Series so I was familiar with Frost's writing and looking forward to see who/how the heroine is going to be. Cat (from the Night Huntress) is a very strong character. has a lot to say about everything, stubborn and knows how to kick ass!

Well, Mara has the same traits which is always nice to read in a romance [ in my opinion :) ]


I loved how she knows what she wants, she knows how she wants to get it (with the complications..) and she is not afraid to use her sexuality in the way to get the upper hand with the gorgeous guy - Rafael. I think it's pretty easy to describe Rafael. The word "YUM!" would probably sum it up :D


The story in a little more than a sentence - Mara is looking for the demon who kidnapped her cousin to another dimension when they were young and careless. Now, older and determined she goes back to the dimension her cousin what kidnapped from to try to figure out what happened. She decides that Rafael would be a good beginning since he was "mysteriously there" the night her cousin was  kidnapped and he never did give her any damn good explanation for it! Rafael is not only "this hunk of a guy" he is also the ruler of this dimension and might be in liege with the one who took her cousin.


The world was interesting. doesn't get a lot to "get used to it". You get the important stuff as the story gets along and you don't get confused about how / what's going on in this world / dimension. and also I didn't feel like I got too much of a background and too little plot. I didn't feel like I had any "burning questions" I didn't have answers for. The story was very fluent. Maybe all this paragraph could be summed up to - I just love Frost's writing! :) I was really sad to hear that the Night Huntress series will be over soon but reading this one reminded me that though I got attached to Cat, Bone, Vlad (!!!!) and the others, I'll sure be attached to any character Frost writes about :) 


I loved this Novella. it had everything a good story should have. a mystery, a mystery of a gorgeous guy (probably a villain), dead attraction (even when its not convenient), going with that - sex and romance but not forgetting a pint of humor. and as I said before a good strong woman to navigate the story.