Dangerous Magic - Samantha Hunter

Dangerous Magic - Samantha Hunter

This novella was so-so for me.. I liked it but it didn't "drew me in". the story itself was nice - we are in the city of Salem and we have a story with witchcraft. Gwen is a witch though she isn't very committed to the wicca way of living. She meets Nathan on the local wicca store - he isn't into magic, he doesn't even believe in magic (though he has a secret of his own) but he is there to write a story about "modern witches".

There is a huge attraction between the two of them. so much that it feels in certain times a little unreal (prepare yourself for a steamy novella!). there is powerful magic at work and they have to figure out whats going on since all signs shows that Gwen is in real danger.

That's all I'm going to write since its a short story anyway and I don't won't to ruin anything for anyone :)

I didn't get Nathan. He is a believer? a none-believer? what's Gwen and witchcraft? I don't "get" her and the reason she gives to not committing to the witchcraft (sounds like a poor excuse). I also think that her previous relationships sound too much a like for this to be "real". For me the fact that this small novella took me over a week to read shows me that I wasn't feeling "itchy" to return to reading it...

I read 3 more Novellas by Samantha Hunter and liked them more than this one. Two of them are "supernatural" in their nature - "Two Perfect" and "Barely there", the third one is my favorite - "Tight Quarters" (from "Strangers in a train"). I also read "Bending Over Backwards" and LOVED it!!! everything about this novel was great. I loved that it also felt so real (though I think it's a little un-likely I'll ever find a man like Leo... )