'Til The World Ends (Dawn of Eden #0.5) - Julie Kagawa

'Til The World Ends: Dawn of EdenThistle & ThorneSun Storm (Luna Books) - 'Julie Kagawa',  'Ann Aguirre',  'Karen Duvall'

A nice novella. I read this one after reading the first book in the series.
As I wrote in my review to the first book - I'm NOT a fan of apocalyptic books and this one is sort of an explanation (at least in part) of what happened before the first book.
It seems that we encounter the kin of a character in the first book. But it doesn't feel "significant". Well, it IS a side story that doesn't matter to the main plot.
I guess if you want to know a little more about the beginning its a nice "breeze through" but nothing that "important" or relevant (a least that how I feel..)
Didn't really like the two main characters.
Hope the next book will be better. Because right now I feel there are too little details about "before" too much information about "now" and not enough of relationships progression (Between the main character and her love interest, between the 3 "lead" vampire and themselves).