A Touch of Midnight (Midnight Breed #0.5 - Gideon and Savannah) - Lara Adrian

A Touch of Midnight - Lara Adrian

Sweet story.
I really liked this one. even though it was short (a novella..) it wasn't lacking in action but also we had time to see the development of Savannah and Gideon relationship.

When I think of how Gideon is behaving in the 3 books I've read, I think there is apparent calm about him. I can guess it's because of the resolve in this story and of course finding Savannah. He doesn't "itch" to battle. he is fine in his lab of the Order.

The only thing "bad" I have to comment is that there is about a day (maybe a little less) that Savannah and Gideon stays in a house. I find it a little funny that she didn't eat all day long :D because there is no way there was any food there and none of them went out to bring any :D

I liked the fact that the technology was pretty basic but Gideon was obsessed with it even then and wanted to see how the technology builds up through time (which naturally he has a lot of ;))

Savannah's gift is pretty extraordinary! I see how she can help out the Order. Though it would have been cooler if she was more a fighter like Elise is. well, Elise is my favorite from the ones I've read :]