Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run #5) - Abigail Roux

Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux

Loved this book!!!
First, I think that the it was "flowing" better then the previous ones. not that I didn't love them! I did! but something about this one just had me clinging to the book feeling sorry I have to go through my usual mundane life instead of sitting and consuming this book.

Now we have a real relationship between Ty and Zane. not just being scared of expressing themselves, hiding behind secrets and fears but a real honest relationship
They also get a "sniff" of another relationship from Julian and Cameron who don't have to hide their relationship from anyone, which takes me back to the 3rd book where Zane and Ty don't have to hide and see be with each other as they want to be (in a life threatening sort of a way like it always is with these two :))

Loved Julian and Cameron, I'll be reading their book when I finish this series. I'm really interested to know how it worked out between these two. so different from each other and yet it works out perfectly between them.

The relationship between the 4 of them - Julian, Cameron,Ty and Zane was fun to read at all times. It was great seeing how similar the 3 "bit guys" are and how they learn to trust each other. and also see how much of a difference Camron with his "macho bullshit radar" has to offer these three.

All in all an excellent book!!!