Touch & Geaux (Cut & Run #7) - Abigail Roux

Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux

Though it was a great book, I'd say it was a 'difficult' one.
Untill now every broblem the guys had was easily solved and if not it was delayed in an easy way (like 'stepping out of the closet' infront of the family, moving in together and the manner it was done - as partners but not as a couple formost people's knowledge)
So all in all everything kinda worksitself out. nothing 'big' or very problematicin their relationship with each other.
This book brings a 'big secret' or rather 2big secrets that tear their world apart leaving us tornas well.
It was heart breaking seeing them struggle through this secrets and tryingto accept each other decisions and actions.
we also have a player from Ty's past which is a preaty complicated guy from an interesting past....
A great book! but also less then an 'easy read' because of all the emotions packing up that twists you fromthe inside :-)