Cut & Run (Cut & Run #1) - Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban

Cut & Run (Cut & Run, #1) - Madeleine Urban,  Abigail Roux

I got really good recommendation about this series. I usually read Fantasy books with supernatural beings (vampires etc) or read "heavy duty" books like "Every man dies alone" (well that WAS a heavy one, even for me :D), not so much "in between", not so much romance for the romance of it.

And well, up until the last book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Lover at last) I've never read a MM book before. I loved that book, really did, and was waiting for a while for this book to be published.

So basically, thinking about this series - didn't know "what to expect" but didn't think I would be "bothered" by the context. I thought it would probably be different in a way, wasn't sure how. maybe I'd be embarrassed? well, I'll be embarrassed at home all by myself :P (usually I embarrass myself in public! :D that would be a change!)

So started reading it. FBI agents? as in this world? no vampires? no magic? a regular killer on the loose? that IS weird.. most defiantly! :D I loved the interaction between Ty and Zane from the beginning, they are both very interesting characters, really wanted to "get to know them" and see how who they are "really".

I didn't feel there was a "real" mystery here about the murders. I felt I might know or guess some of the things though I wasn't sure. I loved that their relationship was realistic in which that their relationship advanced slowly. Even if as a reading I wanted the "happy ending" as-soon-as-possible when they are there for each other till the end, well, guys like them - its not that easy, or quickly..

I really enjoyed the fluency of the book. felt like an action book not a slow romantic slug. which was good! these guys are so funny! together or alone! so it didn't feel as "just" a mystery book but as a romantic comedy (in which the romance takes its time :))

And how did I feel about the sexual MM parts? well, in the beginning it was strange in a way thinking about "how it technically works".. :] but beside from that it all felt the most "natural" thing (I do feel rude writing this as if its not natural... I mean its not something I'm familiar with..).
I didn't feel it was THAT different from any romance book I've read in the past. different positions I guess ;)

I found it funny that they are such "guys" as in "manly men" they don't "talk about their feelings" they "deal" in their emotionally crippled way which I absolutely loved! (speaking from experience on this one! haha!) They don't rush words, promises or definitions (which most women look for). they just live it. see how it goes.

This book swept me of my feet. really. I really enjoyed it! started the next ones sure after and simply can't get enough!

Another thing I have to add is that these books made me think or re-think about gay relationships and how difficult it can be. but also how much its totally worth it. Being with the RIGHT person for you is worth it - primitive society rules be damned.