Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

Wow, one of the WORST books I have EVER read..
In one word - BORING
In too many words - "Water for Elephants"

I feel it was impossible to even like the main character. He was described so "mechanical", his love interest is also not that interesting, the Elephant which is SO relevant to the story doesn't even appear in the first (BORING!) third of the book and only after about half of the book SOMETHING actually happens.

The last 5% of the book was really sweet. I enjoyed it. but what about the other 95%??

I usually get "attached" to characters, "feel" them, feel for them. here is was a big nothing.

[ SPOILER - an as a horse lover to feel nothing about a horse being shot and then be fed to the cats - to feel absolutely nothing - tells me a lot about bad writing.. END OF SPOILER ]

By the way, the movie wasn't a great one either. compared to the book I think that they left out the nice things and made Jacob's character quite unbearable. I think the actors made the best the can with the script but it wasn't character based only plot based (hence the changes in the characters nature).

Basically - don't read it if you have anything better to read.. if there's a thunderstorm and you have nothing else to do/read - give it a try..