The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Trilogy #1) - Steig Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1) - Stieg Larsson

I didn't expect to love this book as much as I did :)
I can't remember what made me want to read this book. I knew there was a movie about it but I never watch movies before I read the book.

So I got this book, and started reading. after a few chapters I got lost. I did..

At first we hear about Mikael's trial, how he lost (but not exactly why or how) and the fact that he is in this place and time quite lost. That part was very interesting and it got me hooked up thought I'm not usually a person who reads mystery books. Then he is hired by old Henrik Vanger who wants him to try and find out what happened to his favorite niece who disappeared almost 40 years ago. Mikael start reading the material Herik collected over the years and there I stopped. That was just too much for me. so many Vanger family members. who's who? what's the connection between them etc.

So I put this book down. Then a few days ago I decided on a "different tactic" I knew I would have the perfect time to LISTEN to a book in the following days. so I decided to give this book (in the audio version) a chance.

2 days later and I am amazed by this book! it's really isn't my type of book. But I simply loved it! this book takes us on a journey to very dark places where women are mistreated, raped, killed simply because it is an option, because it is easy to make them victims and also because of hatred.

The other character in this book is Salander which is a girl who helps Mikael with the case. she is an excellent researcher - which is what he needs, but she is also emotionally disturbed. We learn about her life a little before she starts helping Mikael and we see how society sees her and how she is treated. She is a lot more than what she seems. she's a genius. She is very focused on her goal and she helps Mikael "crack" this case but also she earns a friend which is very rear for her.

I loved the way their relationship was building up. who she learns to accept him and how he accept her and doesn't judge her, or expect her to change as everybody else does. She also realizes a few things about herself along the way. There was a sad note somewhere in the end which I'm not sure where it will go in the next 2 books, we'll see :)

The only thing that I didn't like about the book was the first part of the epilogue. Honestly I didn't understand 90% of it. I understood all the words individually but not what it meant. I'm not into economics and journalism so it was very hard for me to understand what was happening and the meaning of it all. I needed more explanations (which weren't there).

The book was interesting and shocking. written in a very calculated way. and yet I also thought that this book was very sensitive too.

I watched the movie last night, after I finished the book, which by the way, I found myself listening to the audio some of the time, and at other times, when I was at home, I read in my Kindle. The movie was a good one as movies goes. I did enjoy it and thought that is was well played. But it was missing so much. In the book we hear Mikael's thoughts as well as Salander's. Not having that was lacking in my eyes. we learn so much from what ISN"T said that their utter silence of thought in the movie makes the movie more "intense" but leaves us in the dark in a way I don't appreciated much.