Making Him Sweat (Wilinski #1) - Meg Maguire

Making Him Sweat - Meg  Maguire

Jenna inherits a fighting club that belonged to her father who died recently. she hadn't seen her father in years since her parents divorced. she always had her mother's point of view of what happened then, and it wasn't a positive one.. especially when her father was involved in something illegal (though he was cleared of charges in the end). Jenna isn't interested in the club, but likes where it is placed, so she wants to close it and open a matchmaking business.
along the story she comes to learn that her father was not what and who she thought he was, and also she falls in love with Mercer - the guy her father left as the manager of the club. someone who thinks of her father as his own. he is the one that helps her get to know her father and understand who he was. Jenna doesn't only falls in love with Mercer, she also falls in love with the club and doesn't want to close it. too bad the company she is signed to doesn't want a fighting club with a bad reputation to open one of its brunches near it - and expect her to close the club as soon as possible.

I liked the idea of the story, I liked how it progressed but I thought that the ending was rushed..
this book is quite short (round 200 pages) so I don't understand why the ending was written this way.
I felt like I wanted to hear more about a certain event but the story ended before we "got there". and also I wanted to read even a page, an epilogue maybe, about how everything worked out. we are left of a sense of future. but I wish we had a little more of that because there are still problematic things that was "hanging" there (even from the beginning)