Thank You for Riding (Strangers on a Train) - Meg Maguire

Thank You for Riding - Meg  Maguire

How do I summarize this sweet sweet novella?
I'll first say I loved it!
Caitlin just got dumped. It's not that the guy was so important to her its expectation blowing up to reality.. When she lets her mind free to imagine what to come [ and she does that a lot through the story which is funny and most of it a little unrealistic on the realistic side.. :) ] breaking up is not what she expected. She returns home only to meet on the train (da!) this cute guy she saw when the both of them were donating blood.
When she first met him she was conscious of "half" flirting with him - which is bad since she was in a sort of a relationship but on the train she is "freshly single".
Mark is a sweetheart. I think any woman interested or not on his type will surely agree on that. not only a sweetheart also a gentlemen who offers her his gloves and coat when they are both stuck on the platform which was mistakenly closed when they got of the last train.
The best way to get stuck on a platform from about 1 a.m. till morning when they open (about 5 a.m.) is with a sweet hunk like Mark. and while a coat and gloves helps out a little with the cold there are other ways to get pretty warm ;)
I liked both Caitlin and Mark. I also liked that their jobs are really different so they probably wouldn't meet on their regular circle of friends but they did meet up while donating the blood - each for his/her reasons.
The ending was also sweet and funny I was missing the both of them on the second I closed my Kindle for the day.
I also read "making him sweat" by Maguire and liked it. I recommend the both of these :) well, I also recommend the strangers on the train novellas. I still have the last one to read and so far I liked them all!