Taken by Midnight (Midnight Breed #8 - Brock and Jenna) - Lara Adrian

Taken by Midnight (Midnight Breed, #8) - Lara Adrian

Yeah, I loved this book :)
Brock really has a cool talent (I'm not sure he thinks that at all times ;)), he is drawn to Jenna right from the first time they meet (on the previous book). He takes care of Jenna from that first meeting and not so slowly and surely falls in love with her (and she with him).

It's difficult for the both of them - she doesn't want to get attached after loosing her husband and daughter (as we read about in the previous book) and he has a secret from his past that prevents him from even considering having a relationship with someone. There is a really beautiful closure to that in the book and as I was reading the next book's synopsis I understand more will be disclosed about that in the next book.

Jenna is special. I won't say how, but I would say it "complicates" things for them, for the Order, even when the book is finished we still don't know the end of it.

I loved their relationship, the fact that it wasn't the same as other couples we read about in the previous books.

I really loved reading how much the women in the compound participate in the war against Dragos. In this book they really do something spectacular. :))

This book was interesting from the start because you want to understand what's going on with Jenna, what happened to her and all of that, but actually we find more questions then answers that I hope, we'll get answers in the next books. and in case you didn't figure it out - Dragos is a total maniac!!! we have a few written POV of him which simply enraged me! - god damn it someone kill him already!!

I loved the epilogue of the book. was really touching.

and you know what? I miss Dante!!! he had maybe a paragraph about him and that's it!!! (wasn't even with Tess..) I think that he wasn't even mentioned in the previous one. god I hate it when characters get "forgotten". I feel this way about Elise as well, maybe because there is a shift to the newer characters..

Another thing - previous book I felt bad for Chase. He really suffers. and in this book we see how lost he is (also a little of him being an asshole..) next one is about Hunter which I'm REALLY excited about! probably going to be very special :) after it we'll - finally! - have the book about Chase. can't wait for that one as well.. he's been "gone" (in the head) for quite a long time now, wonder who will be the woman to "fix him up" :)

and sorry for writing such a messy and untidy review.. having everything still mixed up in my head :]