The Reluctant Nude - Meg Maguire

The Reluctant Nude - Meg  Maguire

A beautiful story.

Fallon made a deal (not the best one, but that's what she got) with someone she dislikes immensely (but loves her in his own twisted way) - if she wants the deed to her foster mother's house she has to pose nude for Max Emery - an amazing sculpturer - and once her "admirer" receives the sculpture the deed is hers.

Max knows nothing of the contract that Fallon made. he just knows he'll receive an extraordinary amount of money to sculpture this cold and un-willing woman. Max has kept himself of the general population living in a small village, sculptures the things he loves the most. Doing this sculpture for that much money should give him free rein to do whatever he wants when he's finished and left with all that money to keep living his life the way he wants.

In the beginning Fallon and Max don't really get along. She is too closed up, he is too honest and blunt. I loved how their romance developed. Or maybe I'll say how slowly it developed. I felt it was in par with the scene they were living in. the way everything built up was simply right. I think nothing "really" happened between then till the middle of the story which was just as it should be. and I should emphasize that the story wasn't boring for a second! It was actually quite difficult to put it down! (I'll say it took me long enough to read this book but it was due to lack of time not lack of interest!)

I read reviews saying Fallon wasn't "interesting enough" and that she "didn't deserve" him. I can get that because in my opinion Fallon isn't "really" the heroine of the book - Max is. Fallon's story is quite simple (though we get it in bits and pieces since she's not the sharing type) while Max's life is far more interesting and unusual.

Maybe we are sort of used to feminine heroine in romance novels. We have the female who "suffered" somehow and the guy comes to her aid. and don't get me wrong Max does a lot to help Fallon, but in a way, like I've said, he is the true hero in the story. Though most of the story is told from her point of view (and only a little in his POV). I think she "fixed" him as much or more that he "fixed" her.

Max is so unique, thinks in such a different kind of way, lives his live the way he believes he ought to live it. and above that he is SO ridiculously talented! (and also good looking ;)). I guess in the beginning Max can be "a lot to take in". I think most people (like Fallon) would have a hard time getting along with someone as forward and tactless as Max but I think that once you do it's just refreshing and rewarding. You don't have to pretend in front of someone like him. you can just "be", no bullshit. But you should be prepared to listen to your less than perfect way of living ;)

I loved how intuitive he is. How he learns to understand her. How he sculptures not only the outside but the inside and that's what makes his work so unique like himself.

I found the ending to be wonderful. In a way really not what I expected (that is Max for you..) and in other ways, you know you're reading a romance book not a tragedy so you know there's going to be some sort of "happily ever after" which I liked how it was done.

WOW I feel like I've written half a book here on this review :D I guess that's a good thing :)