Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed #11 - Mira and Kellan) - Lara Adrian

Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11) - Lara Adrian

Oh my, oh my...
After the last book (which I rated 3 stars..) and after how things ended I didn't know what to expect..
Lara surely re-invented the series while keeping what's important to the story - The characters we SO love and the ones we wanted to see as grown-ups.
Now, there are so many opportunities!
First story was meant to be Kellan and Mira.. It couldn't be any other one.
I LOVED this book. couldn't get enough of it!
and simply CAN'T WAIT for Nathan's book. I loved who and how he is. his friendship with Kellan and Mira.

Mira and Kellan story was remarkable. it was full of angst. I felt my stomach aching half the book waiting to see how it will turn out for them because never mind how you try to see it work - it doesn't. Basically Kellan leaves Mira (who thinks he is dead) because he knows he is going to hurt her badly. In his eyes, leaving her (8 years before the story we are reading now) is for the best. HER best. But Mira never let go of Kellan, she just couldn't, and he couldn't forget about her either. When their path crosses he realized that there are things you simply can't hide or run from. Fate and love. Love might be hope but Fate is very grim for the both of them..

On the previous book we learned there is another breed walking the earth, probably the one that breeds the Breesmates with humans. In this book we hear a little more about them. We still have a lot of un-answered questions but I feel that this turn of events is very interesting.

I loved seeing the new "kids" in the order. Dante and Tess, Tegan and Elise, Chase and Tavia. also Lucan and Gabrielle has a son. we have another one pregnant (not saying who :))
I am also very edgy about one of Chase and Tavia's twins.. can't wait to see how THAT turns out! :D
I have a feeling we'll have a glimpse of that in Nathan's book.

All in all - GREAT book! SOOO happy that it didn't disappoint! (after the previous one and after the change of events..)